CM Punk Names His Top 5 Opponents Of All Time, His Favorite Attitude Era Moment, More

THQ recently conducted a Q&A with WWE Champion CM Punk during the recent Raw tour of Australia. He speaks on a number of topics, including his top 5 opponents of all time, which are as follows:

1) Eddie Guerrero
2) Rey Mysterio
3) John Cena
4) Daniel Bryan
5) The Undertaker

The video is embedded below:

  • Tyler Bowles

    When did he face Eddie Guerrero?

    • Josh

      It was in IWA: Mid South…

    • dave

      2002 , I believe

    • I believe it was in the Indy scene after 2001 when Eddie left WWF.

    • Charles

      I have no idea he had, but I’d love to see that match if it did happen!

    • Bault16

      Ring of honor

    • jake

      Apparently they wrested on the indies.

    • robert0110

      In the indy circuit

    • Lin

      I believe before he came to WWE, there is a video on YouTube were Rey Mysterio, Eddie Guerrero and Punk are in a three way match. I think 2001-2002. Rey debuted in WWE in 2002, and Eddie wasn't in WWE then.

    • bejealous

      Independents after Eddie got fired from the WWF in 2001 I believe. In Mexico possibly

    • n1ck

      in 2003 at a Indie show. check it out on YouTube its an amazing match

    • Punk fan

      When Eddie was doing shows after he got fired from wwe. He was wrestling punk and even stayed at his house.

    • Jman72485

      Back in his indie days, after Eddie was let go by the WWE back in 2001

    • Big L

      Mid-South Wrestling, 2005

    • He faced Eddie in the indys

  • OlDad83

    When Eddie was fired from wwe he wound up doing some work in IWA. There’s a triple threat between punk, Eddie, and Rey Mysterio on YouTube that’s great. Eddie actually stayed at punk and ace steel’s house for a little while

  • Goostunny

    Pior to WWE during his ROH days in IWA

  • Maz

    Omg dolph is not even on the list, he just said eddie out of respect

    • Andrew Ace

      Dolph and punk never really had any memorable matches

    • Daniel

      It’s his favorites list, why would he name Dolph as a top 5? What memorable matches has he had with dolph? None.

  • Evon Reese

    The Undertaker is the bottom 5?

    • Chris

      One of those moments, ” oh and let’s not forget the undertaker”

    • Autista

      He didn’t really rank them. I took that Eddie was #1, and the rest were random favorites

  • Randy

    What about randy orton

  • Thumpa

    Jeff Hardy made Punk

    • jdl

      No, CM Punk made CM Punk. Nearly every week Punk went out there and embarrassed Hardy. Punk cut an awesome promo, Hardy responded with "Nuh-uh, I'm a good guy." Regardless of whether or not Hardy was there, Punk would be where he is today because Punk is an extremely talented man.

      • Bishop

        If anything, Punk helped elevate Hardy with his cutthroat mic skills. Hardy didn’t have to really say anything because Punk was do hot at that time, anybody could have come across looking like the face against Punk

  • Christen

    Cm Punk and John Cena did have some great matches

  • [email protected]

    surprised no samoa joe. maybe 6 place lol

  • JamieSNZ

    Is this a WWE style top 5? Suprised to not see Austin Aries on there

  • Bishop

    Why are people upset about this list? It’s CM Punks personal list of his favorite matches and opponents.

    I like the story about Eddie and Punk when they were out to dinner one night. Eddie was battling his demons and noticed Punks tattoo on his fingers that said “D-R-U-G”. Eddie questioned him on it because it was the reason he was fired from the E. Punk then showed his other hand and put the fists side-by-side for it to say “DRUG FREE”.

    Eddie and Punk became better friends after that moment

  • Sjenttivensventa

    How many people need to answer the same question

  • JasonGaza

    seriously punk? John Cena? no Jeff Hardy or Edge?

    • Jamie

      these are his favorite opponents, not yours.

  • Thumpa

    Nah Hardy made Punk because the crowd loved Hardy, yes he was terrible on the mic but he was the perfect opposite of Punk and that’s why the heel turn worked, that 2009 run wouldn’t have worked with anyone else, look at what happened after with Undertaker and then the crappy 2010 run…awful.

    • lloyd Clarke

      true kid.i loved that punk n hardy feud

    • Bishop

      You’re kidding, right? Punk was a great heel during the SES days. I was lucky enough to be there live for the Smackdown in Seattle when he sang “Happy Birthday” to Rey’s daughter. The reaction Punk received was nuclear heat and it was a creepy atmosphere. This guy can play both sides of the wrestling business without batting an eye. He is believable in everything he does.

  • Joeyrover

    If you would read.. HIS top 5 not yours.. And opponents NOT matches..