CM Punk Nominated For Award, Today's Wrestlemania XXIX Press Conference, Randy Orton's Injury

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- Wrestling News World reader Robi sent word that CM Punk has been nominated for Most Metal Athlete for Revolver Magazine's 2012 Golden Gods Awards. Punk will go up against MMA star Gina Carano, motocross racer, Brian Deegan, MLB star Evan Longoria, NBA player Dirk Nowitzki and NFL star Mitch Petrus. Go here for more.

- WWE has full coverage of today's Wrestlemania XXIX press conference in New Jersey at this link.

- Randy Orton's concussion is believed to have occurred on the botched RKO on Big Show during their singles match at Monday's Raw Supershow. In storyline, WWE is going with the concussion was caused by Daniel Bryan's shot with the World Heavyweight Championship belt.

  • paulw3000

    How did the botched rko cause the concussion???

    • Coopapalooza

      That’s just what I was going to ask? Clash of heads?

      • Ian P

        He did appear loopy afterwards but where was the impact? Has he ever had a concussion before and possibly hit his head just right and triggered something?

      • Dan

        Yea. It’s be different if he went to the mat weird but I don’t see how it would be from the botched rko either?? Weird…

  • Moose666

    Concussions are no joke. Love him or hate him, I hope he recovers well. I am with the previous posters wondering how it occurred during the attempted RKO unless he landed awkwardly (I have not seen the match since it was live.)

  • Mojo

    Not sure. Glad he’s getting time off though. That would not have been the case even five years ago.

  • kyle

    A concussion from the RKO??? I can see maybe him tearing something in his leg because thats what it looked like he did when he messed up but I don't see how he could get a concussion.

  • vickie's lover

    thank god .. i thought that DB is gonna get got :p

  • Matt

    I thought both Randy and Show handled the botch quite well. Both are complete pros.

  • Maz

    He wacks Cody on the head really hard and nO time off is given, randy botches and he gets time off.
    Big show u shud of just knocked him out

    • Bruno

      Randy Orton is the second face of the company

  • Nicola

    You expect me to fall for that rubbish …Daniel Bryan will pay.

  • Adam

    Daniel bryan worst champ in wwe history

    • PikaPal4ever

      daniel brain is an excellent champ, he brings something that WWE was lacking, wrestling skills. He is
      the best wrestler in the WWE and absolutely deserves the belt. It's people like John Cena who can't wrestle
      and disgrace the WWE championship. Winning it 10 or 11 times without learning your wrestling craft is a
      travestry to the business. Cena is a bodybuilder that is good on the mic, daniel brian is the top wrestler in the wwe. Him and punk are the perfect champions, and it should stay like this for a long time.

  • PikaPal4ever

    it's too bad you are going to miss the elimination chamber randy. Heal up and make it for wrestlemania in perfect shape!