CM Punk Not Shy About Being A Workhorse

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CM Punk continues to taunt Twitter followers about returning to the ring three weeks after undergoing arthroscopic knee surgery. Check out this Tweet:

While no one but Punk can say how much pain he's in, he's at least accentuating his heel character with this. Punk's procedure wasn't serious but clearly provides him an opportunity to get even more over as a heel. There's no denying he's a company workhorse, capable of handling intense pain without meds.

  • Pluto

    Really Richard? Your bias too CM Punk has been raring it’s ugly head lately.

  • Evon Reese

    Cry cry cry and cry some more. Same old Punk.

    • Pluto

      Hey another Punk fan in the house, how are you today sir? Did you bring your knee pads with you?