CM Punk Now Available For Saturday's Raw Live Event; Hourly Breakdown Of Raw Viewership

- We reported earlier this week that WWE Champion CM Punk was scheduled for the evening session at the Wizard World Ohio Comic Con on Saturday thus wouldn't be at Saturday's WWE Raw live event in Topeka, Kansas.

Punk has since been moved to the morning/early afternoon session from 10:30 AM to 2:30 PM on Saturday, making him available for Saturday's show in Kansas.

- I mentioned in the latest WNW Premium Mailbag about trouble for the WWE Raw rating. Here's a look down at the hourly breakdown in viewership:

  • Hour one: 3,770,000 viewers
  • Hour two: 3,990,000 viewers
  • Hour three: 3,600,000 viewers

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  • Stoneman

    Creative’s lack of compelling storylines and dwindling talent is evident with hour three’s decreased ratings numbers. Viewers seem to be more interested in mid-card talent, which is new and fresh, and less so in the same Cena-Punk main event over and over

    • The Dude

      Are you stoned?

  • PFElton

    Ok McMahononites, que the TNA wisecracks to excuse the horrid rating and general poor performance of the John Cena era of Pro Wr-I mean, SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT.

    2.7, GET IT?! 😉

    • The Dude

      No. What’s so special about 2.7?

      • Ken

        Can someone answer this?

  • Shawn

    Dude it’s gets f’n boring watching cm punk nd super cena over and over again they need to switch it up new people new feuds lets get over the fact a lot of the best guys wwe has are smaller then the lets say typical Vinnie Mac guy (ryback) I mean guys like Seth Rollins Tyson Kidd d Bryan Ziggler dean Ambrose Cody Rhodes fresh faces are always a good thing we all know the names I just threw out there are legit except maybe for Kidd but he’s so under rated cm punk said it himself he would love to wrestle Kidd in fact he did say he wants to wrestle everyone

  • Richie

    Gotta agree with shawn. I know cena is a cash cow, but he’s injured! Why not bring in newer talent? Ryback isn’t viable because a win destroys Punk’s great reign and a loss destroys his credibility. Why not have somebody come out of nowhere and push Punk to the edge, like Jeff hardy did against UT?