CM Punk Number 3 In WWE, Where's Alex Riley?, Daniel Bryan's Status, Jeff Hardy/TNA Title

What are your thoughts on the current status of CM Punk in WWE? I believe he's the only guy since John Cena and Randy Orton to get elevated to the top of the company.

I place CM Punk exactly where you are placing him in terms of active top stars in WWE - John Cena is the face followed by Orton then CM Punk. The "leaving" angle that WWE used to elevate Punk this summer worked perfectly because it was a legitimate situation that allowed for his real-life personality to shine through his wrestling gimmick. These are always the most successful gimmicks and I can tell you Punk has been one of the company's top merchandise sellers since it was done.

Whatever happened to Alex Riley?

Alex Riley is still an active member of the Raw roster. He beat Drew McIntyre in a dark match prior to last night's Raw Supershow. There's not an active storyline for him but we've been seeing a lot of things get cut from TV due to time constraints.

What do you think of Daniel Bryan attempting to "cash in" the Money in the Bank briefcase on Smackdown?

Daniel Bryan is the yo-yo of WWE. His push is on then it's off, it's up then it's down. While some may accuse me of having a "man crush" on Daniel Bryan, I feel he can flat out get it done. He can out work anyone in the company and his mic work/personality isn't near as bad as a lot of people perceive. I've always questioned whether or not Bryan would have success in WWE because he doesn't fit the prototypical WWE model in terms of who gets pushed. This is something Vince McMahon and Triple H would argue (and point to workers such as Rey Mysterio and CM Punk) but there's no denying a prototypical model exists. I field a lot of questions about who should take the World Heavyweight Championship off Mark Henry and Daniel Bryan would be a great choice, however, I'm not holding my breath. Nonetheless the reaction he generated from the crowd on last week's Smackdown when they thought he won the title should speak volumes.

Do you think Jeff Hardy will get a TNA Championship shot after Final Resolution?

I've already documented on Premium that Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff want the TNA Championship on Jeff Hardy. I don't want to look too far ahead but you need to read this post and you can make your own conclusion.

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  • Dave

    Jeff Hardy in the title picture, imo, is why TNA will always be the B league. No disrespect to Hardy, but why not focus on their homegrown talent and stop relying on WWE leftovers to carry the company. So many talented TNA originals to select from. I hope Bobby Roode is given a decent title reign because he busts his ass and deserves to shine.

    • Ernest Bethea

      Dave, do you know how long I've been saying that exact same thing?

  • __Franke__

    I thought the exchange between Bryan and Henry was the highlight of Raw last night along with the WWE title match.
    Bryan knows how to sell aggression.

    I do personally think though that the crowd reaction can't entirely be counted upon. For starters with moments like that they pop for any one. Remember Swagger cashing in? yeah… Also; were they cheering the fact that Bryan had "won" the belt, or were they cheering the fact that Henry had "lost" it. Two very different things there.

  • Tim

    Alex Riley has been actively wrestling on WWE Superstars. Jeez… do some research people. A simple youtube search would yield you the same result as e-mailing a web site and then waiting a few days to get your question answered. That's why the internet is available. Also, thanks for not fielding another "Do you think John Cena is overrated/ should turn heel?" question.

    • H.M.

      'Alex Riley has been actively wrestling on WWE Superstars. Jeez… do some research people. A simple youtube search would yield you the same result as e-mailing a web site and then waiting a few days to get your question answered.'

      i don't get Superstars here and I'm not nearly as interested in youtubing Superstars matches due to lack of intrigue. It was me who asked the question btw.

      • J-Dub

        He was on Raw the other night too talking with JoMo right before his final match.

  • Cheerleader Jessica

    Richard, i think that you should go work for either wwe or tna since imo you have more better knowledge about the business than vince,dixie,hhh,russo,stephanie,jarrett,hogan and bischoff combined maybe if you go work for either company maybe your knowledge will help them give us fans what we want instead of shafting us every monday,thursday and friday night. Just my 2 cents!

  • Andy

    Richard, face it, you got a man crush

  • Jbreed

    Unfortunately CM Punk will always be number 3. He needs to take advantage of his situation on Raw right now because when The Rock/John Cena program is over Punk doesn't have a chance to ever be number 1.