CM Punk Not Officially Gone; Is This A Work?, Batista's Contract, Splitting The World Titles, Punk To TNA?

Is CM Punk officially gone from WWE? If so, is there anyway he could turn this around and get back on good terms with the company?

CM Punk is under WWE contract through July and they're not going to release him. So technically, until July, Punk is still with WWE. We're told Vince McMahon wants Punk back for Wrestlemania XXX and will try to get him on the card.

With the information you have released concerning CM Punk, is it possible this is one beautifully played out work for his character and match at Wrestlemania?

It's my belief WWE will do all they can to turn this situation with CM Punk into a work, culminating with a big match at Wrestlemania. However, based on the facts as I understand them, this is a situation where Punk legitimately walked out. The more people analyze and the longer this story lingers, the more theories that will develop. All we know for sure is Punk met with Vince McMahon at Raw on Monday and went home afterwards. We've reported as many details before and after the situation but the fact of the matter is Punk isn't talking right now.

Will Batista wrestle on Raw anytime soon? Will he make appearances on Smackdown?

Batista is believed to have more of a full-time agreement than some people might think. While he's not advertised for this weekend's live event loop, he is scheduled to work live events in a couple of weeks. With that being said, I don't see any reason why we wouldn't see him wrestle on Raw and make occasional appearances on Smackdown. However, I can tell you he's not on the booking sheets for upcoming episodes of Smackdown as of this writing.

Wouldn't it make sense to split the WWE and World Heavyweight titles again with the main event scene now so crowded? Even without CM Punk, the top is crowded.

Vince McMahon was concerned last week about the company being overcrowded at the top. It's a good problem to have, especially after CM Punk walked out on Monday. The fact WWE has still has Randy Orton carrying both belts indicates to me there is a possibility. Last week Vince instructed the writers to find ways to feature more talent. I think this is one of the reasons why Christian's return wasn't on Raw but scheduled for Smackdown instead.

If the rumors are true and CM Punk went home, do you see him going to TNA? Could they afford him and when would he be allowed to sign?

CM Punk isn't going to TNA Wrestling. As I mentioned in the lead, he's under WWE contract through July so he's untouchable until then. TNA would then have to be able to make a competitive offer and given the fact they're in a situation where they just let Hulk Hogan and AJ Styles walk (as well as Sting?) and they've just let some of their biggest names go because they didn't want to pay them.  If they wouldn't pay guys they've invested a tremendous amount of time, money and resources on, I wouldn't expect them to make a competitive offer to someone of CM Punk's caliber.

From the Ask WNW vault…

October 2008: Considering his heel work in the past, do you see a heel turn for CM Punk in the near future? I understand with WWE going PG, they obviously want to keep role models for kids and Punk's 'straight edge' gimmick is ideal with that direction. However, anyone who's seen Punk as an 'I'm straight edge and that makes me better than you' heel can't deny he makes a good heel. Anything in the cards? - From what I was told, CM Punk is still one of Vince McMahon's favorites so I do not see any changes to his current gimmick. That's not to say that they couldn't turn Punk heel down the road but right now they like the direction that he is going on with Kofi Kingston as his partner and there is talk of an eventual Randy Orton vs. CM Punk feud.

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  • Christen

    Also Punk stated many times in so many interviews he will never go back to TNA

  • opie

    You can never have too many people in the main event scene. You can’t. At the height of the Attitude Era, there were at least six guys who could’ve been world champion at any given time (Rock, Austin, Triple H, Kane, Taker, Foley). The main event may be stacked right now, but it’s nothing like it was then. That’s part of what made that era so great. Those guys were all trying to be the top guy. All of them chasing the ONE world title made for some great stories. That’s why I’ve always said there should only be one, and that’s why I’m hoping they stick with one.

    • Venom

      The difference between the attitude era and now is that people cared about then IC title and tag teams went through hell to win the tag titles. Now we have 2 secondary title holders not defending them and sometimes lose in numerous non title matches where a former wwe/world title holder doesn’t even care to win it.

      Sure people should have their eye on the top title, but they should maybe have a top star win a US/IC title to make people interested in it. Just a thought.

      • Dan

        Agreed. IC title is being shit on. US title too but IC title has wayyy too much history to just be an “accessory”

        • Jbreed

          I hope I’m wrong but I noticed a lot of things are pointing towards the tag team division going back to being irrelevant as well. The Prime Time Players split up, The New Age Outlaws are only there temporarily, there has been talk a long time now about breaking up The Shield, there are problems brewing with The Real Americans, and who knows how long Goldust and Cody Rhodes will stay together.

    • Scott Davies

      I made a point with somebody at work the other day. During the attitude era. Crash Holly, Al Snow & Steve Blackman were so over you could put the WWE Title on them. They may not draw ratings, but they would still be over. If you put them in the spot now it would fail. What I see in the mainevent of wm now are part timers. Cena I think is as high as he is going to go & I think he will decline in the next 5 years. Orton still has a few years, Punk a few years(If he stay’s with WWE, cause TNA will kill his career). Taker, Triple H & Brock will be gone after WM. I think a transition is going to happen this year or next.

      • Dan

        I was a huge Steve Blackman fan. He was such a badass. Not stone cold like obviously but he was chuck Norris like. Lol

      • Jbreed

        Wow! There’s another reason why the WWE is so ridiculous these days. Guys like Crash Holly, A Snow and Steve Blackman are basically more or less on the same level as this era’s second tier stars.

    • BMGabe

      also during that time. Everyone always had some type of actual story line going on. So even if they weren’t in the MAIN picture, they would have some type of important story line to help play out before going for the gold again

  • Kevin

    Bottom line Vince is lucky that he is the only lucrative show in town. His irresponsible treatment of talent would not be tolerated if there was competition. Look at the title reigns of Bryan and Ziggler and Sandow’s MITB victory. When I start to think of how underutilized Cesaro is I just think of Tyson Kidd. Not to mention how Jim Ross has been treated.

    Punk needs the proper forum and a microphone.

  • Scott Davies

    I would not split the World Titles as some of these Top stars will be gone after Wrestlemania. So it would be pointless. If I were WWE I would use all WWE shows & promote them with a top star. So with live events that do not have a World Title match. Still get a high profile Main Event at Live events.

  • Winnipeg

    Wait a minute, doesn’t Brock have a title clause in his contact as The Rock did?

    • Dan


  • Venom

    I’ll probably post this on Monday when the site is busy. I was watching Aftermath here in Canada (it’s a wrestling analyst show with Jimmy Korderous). They talked about fans hijacking the show and while fans have the right to cheer and boo for whoever they want he doesn’t agree with fans booing the match before its happening. They should just go buy a snack or washroom break or even have there backs turned.

    It actually got me thinking. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if every fan in the arena is complety quiet and have there back turned during the Cena/Orton match or the Batista/Orton match. I doubt it would happen but I would love to see it.

  • Jason Bagemehl

    so maybe its just me but maybe its a double work to get Punk a big match/angle for mania , and in turn make everyone forget about Sting. So he can still be a surprise

  • illdecide

    If I were Jeff Jarrett and looking to get my promotion off the ground and had what sounds like significant financial backing, CM Punk would be a good start come July

    • Danny_Boy

      Why? So Punk can run the promotion into the ground? Did you see Punk’s #s when he was champ on RAW, he couldn’t even draw a 3.0 (not once) his house show numbers drew poorly as well

      • Venom

        If I was a promoter I doubt I’d want Punk on my roster only to avoid dealing with any backstage attitude. But let’s be honest, when he was the champ he was barely the focus. He only started main eventing the last few months if his reign only when Cena got injured and really Punk was only holding on the title to lose it to Rock at the Rumble. Seriously, look at how many ppvs he actually main evented as in close out the show.

        To be honest the whole 1 wrestler having the world title and if the numbers are high he gets the credit for it and if they’re low he wasn’t a draw. Cause if I recall Shawn Michaels was a great defending wwe champion in 1996 and we all know what a great athlete he is but he didn’t draw.

        I think the whole product is a team effort. Not many people buy the ppvs solely on the one match.

      • Bob’s Diner

        I’ve said this before – he did draw many ratings over 3.0. More than half of his entire 434 day reign. You have him confused with your buddy Randy Orton

      • Jimmy

        One man doesn’t make a show, especially not in WWE

  • Lebron James

    I’m all for the WWE splitting up Raw and Smackdown again. The roster is full of so much talent, guys aren’t being properly utilized in the current format.

    • Dan

      And it would make smackdown worth watching. Smackdown really is the B show now that all the stats are on raw and occasional appearance on smackdown.

    • Jbreed

      It will only work if they learn how to run separate brands the correct way. The first time around didn’t work because even than guys were being underutilized, such as MVP, Shelton Benjamin, Carlito and John Morrison just to name a few.

  • jdl

    Considering Punk is under a contract, can’t WWE force him to perform? He is legally obligated to appear for them, and he’s more likely to realize he’s acting like a giant flipping crybaby if he’s back on the road and not sitting at home sucking his thumbs. You can’t be the best in the world, you can’t main event Wrestlemania, if you act like a spoiled little brat when things don’t go your way.

    • Bob’s Diner

      They are not employees but “independant contrators” – the company is not obliged to feature contracted talent, nor are contracted talent always required to appear. The contract is really to prevent them from appearing on other shows more than anything else

      • Venom

        It’s a debate that Raven and others tried to dispute in court. If they’re independent contractors and not employees why can’t they wrestle somewhere else? They can only appear on WWE tv and wrestle on their shows yet they’re not employees. They don’t get any benefits and pay for their own travel.

        • Jimmy

          They pay for their own travel? Your kidding right?

  • GOR

    IC/US titles don’t need a big star; but sm good storylines like they had in Paul Heyman days.
    Back then mid-caerd was so full of great guys like cena, orton, RVD, Y2J, Benoit, eddi, edge etc. Most of them became recognized stars coz of thiz titles n related storylines which produced great rivalries n matches.
    This exactly wats lacking today.
    WWE should find good bookers, split world tiles, the shows, the roster [not necessarily as strictly as back then], give divas 2 matches on raw & have cruiserweight division back on RAW.
    This will make Raw more interesting n make-up time.
    Really, I could go on about this for whole night actually only if the imp people were listening.

  • DW

    There was a commercial ad for the Raw in LA on fen 10th during this weeks smack down. Punk was advertised still

  • Tim

    I know Antonio isn’t going to win at ec. So if they split the titles up. Why not have him the smackdown world title.

  • TTT

    I’m sick of these questions about people going to TNA. Are you stupid? CM Punk is still with WWE.

  • Herman Tank

    So Batista is essentially another old part timer signed to sell a few more t-shirts. Wonderful. I wonder what young guys he can help push down by being on the roster. Hopefully two talentless ogres like Brock and Batista can “wrestle” at Mania. What an F’n treat that would be.

  • Jim Evans

    C.M.Punk is advertised for a Road to Wrestlemania show in Binghamton N.Y. on March 23rd,2014 against Kane.

  • Jimmy

    I understand everyone saying they should bring meaning back to the titles and better storylines but Vince has already ran other wrestling industries to the ground, WWE has no competition so he’s getting paid regardless. In the end thats all he really wants.