CM Punk On Brock Lesnar, His Backstage Reputation, How Vince Looks At Him

CM Punk did an interview with Laurence Holmes on the CBS affiliate out of Chicago over the weekend. Below are some notes:

  • Punk said he doesn't think he met Brock Lesnar until he returned to WWE last year. He said a lot of people say they are very similar by being unapproachable with a bad attitude but Punk says he has no bad stories about Brock yet.
  • The former 434-day WWE Champion said his reputation doesn't upset him. If he's in a bad mood, he wears it on his sleeve. Punk said he is not overly malicious about it and it doesn't bother him. He said he could care less what people who are misinformed say about him.
  • Punk said he absolutely believes Vince McMahon looks at him differently. He said their relationship is something that constantly changes and it's different today from where it was in April.

Click here to listen to the interview in its entirety.

  • Rus

    I remember Cm Punk & Ken Anderson being backstage as a prop on the 1st smackdown after he beat Angle at Wrestlemania, I am sure you could see it on youtube

    • Chris

      Yeah I saw it, It was a hilarious segment.You can see Punk when he had bleach blond hair and Ken really overdid his part, but it was funny.

  • sdunne87

    It’s obvious how Vince looks at CM Punk, with huge $ $ signs in his eyes.