CM Punk On Jimmy Fallon, Sunny's Boyfriend Posts Nude Photo Of Her, Ryback's Opponents, WWE Vintage Collection

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- WWE Champion CM Punk is scheduled to be a guest on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" on Monday night. For more details, click here.

- The boyfriend of Tammy "Sunny" Sytch, Damien Darling, posted a photo of himself looking into a bathroom mirror on Facebook… the problem? Sunny could be seen wearing nothing. The photo was promptly removed but is making rounds and was sent to us at this morning.

- Ryback's opponents from this week's Smackdown were Elia Markopoulos and Brian Fury.

- Below is a summary of the matches on this week's WWE Vintage Collection courtesy of our old pal Devin Cutting:

Cruiserweight Battle Royal
WWE Velocity - October 8th, 2005

Fuerza Guerrera, Louie Spicolli & Psychosis vs. Rey Mysterio, Heavy Metal & Latin Lover
AAA/WCW When Worlds Collide

The 1-2-3 Kid vs. Hakushi
WWE Raw - November 20th, 1995

Ultimo Dragon vs. Shannon Moore
WWE Smackdown - June 26th, 2003

Juventud Guerrera vs. Nunzio
WWE No Mercy 2005

  • Ash

    Well dont just say you had it sent to you, post the picture!!

    • Haha I considered it but I’m not sure I want to start that.

      • anon

        that's just being selfish ha

      • spatch

        oh come on be a sport lol

      • mathew30

        well im a bit shocked at that response to be honest, and only becuase you have been rather prude and "respectful" because of other naked shots of other stars. but yet you were "considering it" not very christian of you lol

      • Max

        If you don't someone else will. If you have it why hold back. It wasn't you that posted it on facebook, it was her boyfriend.

  • Tyler Bowles


  • Dufus

    Too bad a link wasn't available – shucks lol

    • Dufus

      A link for the Tammy photo that is : )

    • Dufus

      I typed Tammy Sytch nude and got a load of nude pix. I didn't know she posed for so many pix. I guess her BF posting a nude pic wasn't as big a deal as I thought. : )

  • barface

    Just post the pic. She's posed nude in the past.

  • Burt

    Just google Tammy Sytch nude, she and Missy Hyatt and a few other divas of yesteryear had a softcore style website from what I remember.

  • Tone

    yea post it…. really not that serious Richard…..

  • gibbons08

    I don’t know if you noticed it or not but she responded to this story on twitter by saying it wasn’t a nude photo

  • The Cowboy

    Isn't it funny how one of CM Punk's grievances during his breakthrough promo on the 6/27 RAW last summer was about how " [I'm] not on Conan O'Brien, [I'm] not on Jimmy Fallon" but he's now been on both shows since?

    • Evon Reese

      I did not mean to mark this comment down. I in complete agreement

  • Max

    Why doesn't Damien Darling just make a sex tape with her. A Tammy Sytch sex tape would really generate some interest.

  • blitzcreig

    I think this is another one of her schemes to get herself attention. I recall back when she was posing nude on wrestling vixxxens, there was a story going around that she was going to be doing a hardcore adult film. The story was that she appeared on some radio show with Missy Hyatt and Kristi Myst to give details. She even mentioned it on a web chat she did for the site, but nothing came of it. Sunny has a way of being a mark for herself. This photo doesn't even exist or we would have seen it by now.

  • megan

    i love cmpunk aj randyorton triple h and kelly kelly