CM Punk On Working For ROH, His Best Friend In WWE, Who He Wants To Work With

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CM Punk did a Q&A session at the Wizard World Comic-Con in Chicago over the weekend. Aside from bringing pizza for attendees, Punk revealed his favorite promotion to work for was Ring of Honor in 2004. He talked about working along side workers such as Austin Aries, Daniel Bryan and Samoa Joe.

Punk said Kofi Kingston was one of his best friends and he would choose him as a tag team partner. Out of all the people he hasn't worked with, Punk expressed a desire to work with Dean Ambrose.

He was asked about working an "Ultimate X" match (a TNA staple) and Punk was unfamiliar with the concept. When it was explained to him, he said he wouldn't want to work one of those bouts.

  • Charlie

    I know what punk meant but he did face ambrose in 2011

    • Ranveer

      I think what Punk meant by “worked with” is worked a program/feud… this was just a random match on NXT

      • Charlie

        It would be a great feud and one that I hope to see in the future

      • BIG M

        Wasn’t still FCW then.

  • Charles

    Ultimate X? Punk doesn’t watch that crap.

  • Danny_Boy

    Ugh, Hope Punk doesn’t work with any of those guys, hed just bury them like he has every other up and comer he’s ever worked with (see bryan in 2012, ryback in 2012, miz on his dvd)

    • Nick K

      Please know what you’re talking about when you post. Your lack of knowledge us quite obvious.