CM Punk & Paul Heyman Discuss "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Why The Attitude Era Focus In WWE '13 Is Disrespectful, More

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The New York Post recently conducted an interview with CM Punk & Paul Heyman, during which WWE '13, the Attitude Era, and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin were discussed. In the following excerpt, a potential feud between Austin and Punk is discussed:

Everyone is talking about the video that surfaced earlier this month between you and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Were you guys in character or was there genuine disagreement between you guys?

Punk: I am a character, I don’t play a character, and the same can be said for Steve. I think there is a mutual respect, I’m not positive we get along in the world we’re in. Texas Rattlesnake, beer-drinking son of a gun and I’m the straight edge kid from Chicago. We just come from two different worlds. For all of our differences, we’re very similar. I don’t think he’s backing down from anything, and I’m not, so you put the two of us in the room [and that’s what you get]. I think that was the first time the world has seen what it’s like when CM Punk and Stone Cold Steve Austin are in a room together.

In the following excerpt, Heyman addresses whether the "Attitude Era" selling point is disrespectful to the current crop of talent:

The big selling point of this game is the inclusion of the Attitude Era. Do you think that it is disrespectful to today’s superstars, including Punk?

Heyman: I do think it’s disrespectful, and here’s why. As with anything else in life, you have to constantly re-invent yourself. I don’t think it’s any secret that the Attitude Era was spawned from the ECW days, and as the architect of the ECW experience, I can tell you that the 1990s are dead. That means that the extreme concept, the Attitude Era has run its course. The reason why it is in this game today is so that people can compare the modern era to the Attitude experience. The WWE can continue to look on the Attitude Era as its glory days and ignore the magnificent performances that are being delivered every week by their current reigning, defending WWE Champion who proclaims himself to be the best in the world and with good reason, because he is. These people who are hanging onto the past need to understand that by doing that they are not allowing the audience to sink into the future.

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  • snuggle

    Good interview Punk and Heyman stay in character better than anybody. The seeds continue to be planted for the Austin/Punk match at mania.

    • Patrick_OToole

      As Richard always says, the best "characters" are just extensions of the person existing character, so for people like Punk, Heyman, Austin and the Rock they were so over as characters because it was just how they are… turned up a bit of course.

      • Herman Tank

        That's why characters like Del Rio and Eve are so interesting.

        • Alex

          Thumbs up, cause I'm assuming you're being sarcastic. lol

  • Michael

    Punk is digging at Austin just like Cena use to dig at Rock, waiting for Austins reply now.

  • Wwe4L76

    Wwe today sucks

  • Alex

    Punk & Heyman did an excellent job with the interview. While they are right in what they said about the Attitude Era, there is a reason why so many fans and the company itself keeps bringing up the attitude era and the 80's era. They were better times. The majority of today's WWE superstars are so boring and its not their fault its WWE fault for not doing a better job building their talent. They only care about building up John Cene, which I understand cause he's their main guy, but you have to help build up the other guys too or you get the wreck that WWE's been in right now with Cena's injury. No one to step up and take the ball. The attitude era was clearly built around Stone Cold, but because WWE also built up guys like The Rock, Mick Foley, and HHH, it wasn't a complete disaster when Austin was out for over a year due to injury.