CM Punk Plans To Fight At Least Eight Times For UFC, Burning To Prove Doubters Wrong

CM Punk has been making media rounds lately and recently spoke with The Sun out of the United Kingdom. In it, he confirmed he’s on an eight-fight deal with UFC and while he doesn’t know how many fights he’ll have, there will be at least eight.

What people can expect from his first fight:

“I expect people to be disappointed,” he explained.

“I expect all those people that think I’m gonna get knocked out in 10 seconds to be disappointed. I expect people to bet against me and lose their money.

“I expect people to get divorced because they’re upset that their wife wanted me to win and they wanted me to lose, you know?

“But the people who have stood by me and supported me know it’s business as usual. They know what kind of person I am and they know how I am at the gym.

“And once that cage door shuts it’s between one minute and 15 minutes before the fight ends and my hand gets raised.”

CLICK HERE to read the piece by The Sun in its entirety.

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  • Avalanchian

    If he would have fought the Green Power Ranger 1st then I’d have taken him serious…..But they are gonna put him up against a 2 bit chump.

  • Peyton Manning Swag

    All bark and no bite until Punk gets his ass in the cage already

  • Splat

    I don’t doubt his drive and work ethic one bit. Had he trained for UFC from the start I think he would have been fine. That said I think being in your mid 30’s is pretty late in the game to start.

    • Patrick

      it is to late to be in UFC….he should have started years ago instead of being in wrestling.

      • Gary Robert

        His last contract with WWE was his biggest. He had to make that money first in order to pursue things he simply wants.

  • Patrick

    HE will lose faster then Lesner did in his first match

    • Gary Robert

      I’d have to imagine that Dana White and UFC will be very smart in matching him up with guys they feel he can beat, especially early on. It does him and them no good if he goes out there and loses to relatively unknown guys right off the bat. As for Lesnar, his first match was a win, not a loss. He lost his second match which was against Frank Mir! That’s no joke.