CM Punk Gives His Endorsement For President

WWE Champion CM Punk officially endorsed President Barack Obama in an interview with Philly's Power 99 FM last week.

"Oh man. You know I pay attention to things that go on. I know they say it's a close race and that depresses me. How anyone could vote for Mitt Romney is mind-boggling to me. I think Obama pulls it out and we get another good four years."

You can hear the comments for yourself at this link.

  • rodneythomson

    What a shock. Another good 4 years??? Obama hasnt had 4 good days in the last 4 years

    • tonyp

      Really? so you gonna blame Obama for the mess Bush made for 8 years?

      • WyFo

        When are you democrats gonna stop blaming Bush for everything?

        • Joe

          It was his fault you idiot

          • rodney thomson

            and you know what joe…Obama made it a whole lot worse. After 4 years he has done NOTHING to improve the economy. You know what else he hasn't done? Take RESPONSIBILITY for the last for years. You can't blame someone for something from 4 years ago and expect it to hold any weight.

    • imneveral0ne

      most thing are better now than they were 4 years ago. I'm not gonna even play the Bush card here. Although it's very easy to…

      • rodneythomson

        Most things are better? Really? Really? Like what? Higher unemployment. Like More debt in 4 years than bush did in 8. Like income down. Like obamacare. Like 4 dead americans in Libya? Please tell me what is better off than 4 years ago

        • Aaron

          Probly the Stock market booming, up over 4000 from when he took office, probly the recovery from the worst recession since the great depression, probly saving the auto industry and saving over 10 million jobs, something Romney said he wouldn't do, probly a lot of those things idiot. You want to bitch because unemployment is 7.9%, Grow up, step out of your fox news bubble of fake news, the station with more "spin" than a turntable Fox news everybody, watch it and become instantly stupid like rodnethompson

          • rodney thomson

            Aaron my good man, what is this recovery you speak of? Is it not a FACT that unemployment is higher now than when Obama took office? Lets fact check. Unemployment Jan. 20th,2009-7.8%. Unemployment today-7.9%. Now last time I checked 7.9 is greater than 7.8. So I ask, who is the stupid one Aaron? And the auto industry with their thug unions…You say Romney said he wouldn't save the auto industry. Once again let's fact check…Here's a link to the actual article in which he advocated for a managed bankruptcy and said "The federal government should provide guarantees for post-bankruptcy financing and assure car buyers that their warranties are not at risk."….
            Is it not a fact that Obama doubled the deficit when in fact he said he would cut it in half? Fact check…Deficit under Bush for his last year 500 billion. Deficit under Obama EVERY YEAR OVER 1 TRILLION. These are just a few inconvenient FACTS that the typical uneducated Obama supporter likes to ignore. I have plenty more FACTS that I can supply you with. Oh and one more thing Aaron, if you're going to call someone "instantly stupid" at least be smart enough to spell the name right, especially when it is right in front of you.

          • Andrew

            Yes 7.9 is higher than 7.8. By one-tenth of a percent. The only reason it ticked up is because more retirees exited the workforce in October. The only reason the deficit increased under Obama is because he put Bush's wars on the budget. They were not on budget under Bush. They were counted as "emergency spending." Had Obama not put the wars of his predecessor on budget, he would indeed be running a lower deficit than Bush.

        • Andrew

          Up until the last jobs numbers, Unemployment was lower (7.8%) than it was the day Obama took office. He has actually spent less than Bush did and his policies will ultimately cut the deficit (not my words, it's the words of the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office). Google "embassy attacks under George W. Bush. There were several. And far more than 4 people died as a result.

          Are things great? No. Are they better than they were four years ago? Absolutely. When all you have to go by are far right talking points with no facts, you look very silly talking to other adults. Educate yourself. Don't just parrot Fox and Drudge.

          • rodney thomson

            Poor Sheeple like Aaron and Andrew…here are the unemployment numbers for Obamas entire term so far..MonthJob gain/loss (thousands)Unemployment rate
            Feb-09-7248.3 %
            7.8% when he took office. Didn't get below 8% until September of this year and even then economists on both sides said it was an anomaly. It has since gone back up .1% Educate yourself sir.
            Obama has indeed spent more than Bush. Number don't lie. Educate yourself sir.
            And I'm so sure Google, who is openly supported democrats is going to put fair coverage of Bush in their top results. Be that as it may, I will concede that point to you on embassy attacks,but there is one difference, under Obamas Libya cover up a U.S. Ambassador was killed. Educate yourself sir. Remember when Obama called on the SEALS, they got Bin Laden. When the SEALS called on Obama, they got rejected. You argument is invalid.

          • Aaron

            7.9 is greater than 7.8, man that is a huge mess to get out of rodythomson, I notice how you failed to note the best stock market recovery in the shortest amount of time in the history of this country, but .1% more unemployment, from skewed number reporting from bush, is far more important. No comment on the war that he did not start, is ending, and is the PRIMARY reason for the debt, not spending, not bailouts, (all paid back with interest) actually a good business move, making free money. Educate yourself, you clearly are living in a fox news bubble and you are quite ignorant, almost the worst kind of ignorant that wants to parade around the 2 or 3 points that you feel make your argument, whilst ignoring the actual big picture of the real recovery that has happened. Do you not remember 4 years ago? Is that beyond your mental capabilities? This country was in the worst economic hole since 1930, and you bring up unemployment up .1%???? Yes you are stupid, That is all, I will not respond to further replies, it bores me to argue with the mentally incapable.

  • AUSTIN3:16

    Obama double the mess Bush left.

  • rodneythomson

    Here we go blaming Bush again. Unemployment when obama took office-7.8%. Unemployment now 7.9% after 43 straight months above 8%. National debt when obama took office 10.6 trillion. National Debt now-16trillion, this after obama said he would cut the deficit in half. Instead he doubled it. No doubt obama took over mess, but in his first 2 years he had complete control of The House and Senate but instead of working on fixing the economy he pushed thru Obamacare. Your argument is invalid.

    • Kleck

      All the Obama camp can talk about is binders, bayonets, and big bird. God knows they can’t run on his record…

    • Chris H

      Why is Obamacare bad? Don't you think it's ridiculous that people with cancer can't afford to pay for treatment? Or that people, REGULARLY, come on the internet asking for donations for their ill child because they can't afford to put a roof over her head and pay medical bills at the same time?

      What kind of nation in the 21st Century, especially the supposed leading country of the free world, does not provide health care to those that need it.

      • rodneythomson

        Why should I have to pay for someone elses medical bills? The one good provision in obamacare is the fact that it forces insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions. And now someone is forced to buy insurance even if they dont want to or pay a “penalty”. Under obamacare the IRS can acces your bank account. Anyone who supports obama just needs to look at Europe and specifically Greece to see why to much government dependence is a bad thing.

        • Andrew

          Tell your grandmother who is on Medicare that you shouldn't have to pay other people's medical expenses. Because you've been doing it since the 60s. It just so happens it wasn't the black guy's idea back then so people were cool with it.

          • rodney thomson

            ok first off my grandmother is dead. Second off, you sir are obviously a race pimp if you think me or anyone else disagrees with Obama because he is HALF black. Third, I have no problem paying for senior citizens healthcare. They were promised it they should get it. Younger people like myself need to save for our retirement healthcare. I also have no problem paying for someones medical bills young or old of they have some sort of birth defect that prevents them from working. I do however have a problem paying for medical bills for someone like yourself who is to lazy to get a job and pay for your own healthcare.

          • Andrew

            How do you know if I'm unemployed? How do you know I'm not one of those people with a birth defect? And if you cannot see that the main reason people dislike this president is because of the color of his skin, then you clearly have your head buried firmly in the sand.

          • rodney thomson

            oh yes you're exactly right Andrew I don't like Obama because of his skin color. It has nothing to do with his failed policies or out of control spending. You're such a tool. Yes there will be people who vote for against Obama based just on skin color, but the number is so few there votes will be irrelevant. Racism will always exist on both sides, and the ones who play the race card, like yourself, and Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are nothing more that race pimps who taint what MLK faught for.

    • Joe

      Unemployment is so high in the states not because of Obama but because of bush, you weird idiots who must be voting biblical and not p

      • rodney thomson

        so assuming Obama steals the election and in 4 years we are even worse off than you could ever imagine under Bush, are you STILL going to be blaming Bush for Obamas 8 years of mess? You Sir are a TOOL!!!

  • Hitman310

    Mitt Romney looks like he will be a puppet president.. Every big corporate company will have their hand up his butt telling him what to say and do..

  • Matt

    Wow, CM Punk is stupid. Good thing the opinion on anything from a celebrity is as hollow as a pipe.

  • AntGilroy

    Lol you guys are funny.. get this political non sense off this wrestling site..

    Our government is doomed whether it’s democrat or republican..

  • H.M.

    Both are bad candidates. The whole 'vote for the lesser of two evils' thing doesn't fly either. Wish there was a third viable party in your country, or if the Americans had some sense and voted for Ron Paul for the GOP candidacy.

    Sincerely, from Canada.

    • R.L.

      Well I was undecided until CM Punk weighed in on his thoughts on the election. The salient details he provided swayed me to vote for Obama. If he didn’t give his opinion, I was going to look at the unemployment, cuts in the military, and the deficit, and make my choice that way. I bet people will vote for Obama just because CM Punk isvoting for him.scary….

  • sweeeeeet

    But, then again CM Punk is the biggest heel in the WWE today. This could mean that people vote for Mitt Romney instead.

  • Mrsnaps

    Economy will continue to grow regardless who gets elected. Obama has begun to fix the mess George Bush left for all of us four years ago. Anyone who expected that to happen over night must think the economy is an entity that changes itself based on who is in office. Not the case. Things don't magically stop going down hill when someone new gets elected. Changes in the economy have long standing effects, it is not a thing that varies greatly day to day. It begins a trend and continues it for quite a while, so it really doesn't matter who gets elected from an economic point of view, in the short term. Since the democrats (as done under clinton) have again fixed a mess left by a republican, the economy will continue to grow. That said, four more years of the same policies will cement it's growth, while four years of republican policies will likely revert the economy to where it was four years ago, at the end of the term.

    It amazes me that people can not detect simple patterns. The best that republicans can hope for is a tie in the EC, and they likely wont get that. Obama will win with either 294 or 323 Electoral votes, with 294 being the safer bet. It really depends on how Florida goes, though it doesn't really matter because Obama gets his required votes without it.

    • rodney thomson

      I am obviously in the minority here because I don't think Obama will win. However IF he does it will be very close. When Romney wins it will also be very close. There will be no landslide victory for either side. And you are incorrect about the economy continuing to grow under Obama. He has ignored the law and refused to release proposed regulations for 2013 because he knows they will kill more jobs. Obamacare will also kill jobs because of the "fines" companies will have to pay if they don't offer adequate healthcare coverage for full time employees. Or they will reduce full time employees to part time to get around that part of the law which in turn will also slow the economy

  • Biggie-Lee

    That picture with Cena/Romney did it…that makes perfectly sense… 2 creeps for the price of 1, of course CM Punk doesn't want that, neither do i .

  • Biggie-Lee

    If you say : 'best in the world ' & ' voice of the voiceless' you don't talk about Romney