CM Punk Puts Over Dean Ambrose/Mick Foley Confrontation

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- WWE Champion CM Punk posted the following on Twitter:

I take away a couple things from this. First of all the angle between Mick Foley and Dean Ambrose looks to  result in Ambrose being called up to the main roster shortly. Secondly, this appears to be Punk Tweeting to enhance storylines, which is something WWE has encouraged workers to do.

  • Evil Kevyn

    Wow, Punk must lead a boring straight edge style life.

  • christopher525

    Called it, him using the gimmick name was a dead give away. Question is, will this be some sort of connection between Punk and Moxley?

    • Blazeking

      Yes. Punk and Ambrose had a match at a FCW house show sometime last year and people were hot during that match. Dean's also currently doing a feud with William Regal in FCW. It's plausible he could be the new era legend killer and the confrontation with foley is step #2. Eventually, Punk is going to step in. No other reason he would have paid attention to Dean and posted a tweet

  • Matt Scott

    I really love Dean Ambrose! The guy is mental as Hell in the ring!

  • christopher525

    Ok, just noticed we might be seeing Ambrose debut on tomorrow's live Smackdown, with Foley being advertised.

  • Darkmystic2012

    I am so looking forward to the debuts of Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. 2012 is shaping up to be quite decent thus far