CM Punk Ranked Number One In Pro Wrestling Illustrated's PWI 500

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WWE Champion CM Punk is ranked #1 in Pro Wrestling Illustrated's PWI 500 for 2012. I haven't seen the rest of the list but Punk was #10 last year. The Miz was ranked #1 in 2011.

Below is a photo of the magazine's cover:


  • ImAwesome420

    Punk definitely deserves the honor. Most importantly though where is Daniel Bryan ranked? Easily top 20.

    • Ger

      Top 20?? If he's not 2nd then its a travesty!!

      • christopher525

        My exact same thought, Punk is number 1 just by virtue of his extended title run and the offices support of him, but number 2 would be Danielson.

        • Bault16

          Who’s Danielson?

          • christopher525

            Brian Danielson, as he's known in WWE Daniel Bryan, I just can't bring myself to say that name.

          • Double A

            No way Cena is out of the top 2, danielson will be near five probably, I bet you Rock is in there, Sheamus, and probably del rio.

          • Duckfannaz

            He was the original karate kid. Wax on! Wax off. Oh and Johnny, sweep the leg.

        • Joe

          Smark alert,

  • Paul

    The miz was number one last year?! What form of crack were they smoking?!??

    • The best kind apparently…

    • Hardy

      Agreed! Miz is terrible, and yeah Bryan should easily be second. He’s the best performer wwe has today in my opinion. In fact he probably deserves 1st over punk.

    • gpturbo81


    • The arbiter

      While I think Miz shouldn't have been number one i believe the rationale they used was his WWE title run, Money in the bank win and main event of Wrestlemania.

      This ranking is not based on in ring skill

    • ceedot

      yeah but this magazine came out around the time of the Miz' run, and the Miz actually was an honorable title holder.

  • monty

    i don't know about y'all but punk has become cena or orton very stale complaining about the same thing, when he had his famous promo it was great since than he has kind of become me too guy. Daniel bryan better be 2nd i believe right now in pro wrestling bryan's character is the best one on TV

  • TheAwesome1

    WHen is this on newstands?

  • AnacondaVise


  • Terra Ryzing

    Punk #1 is more like it…but the Miz?! To use his own phrase, “Really?!”

  • SDD619

    It goes by who made the most impact in the year. Between 2011 & 2012 CM Punk made the Biggest Impact, When Miz was the 2010 to 2011. They don't make mistakes on their lists. Very huge honor to be #1

  • The Dude

    Hey Punk. Lawler and Cena may not admit that you are the Best in the World, but at least an accredited Pro Wrestling magazine can admit it! lol

  • Dave Barton

    I remember when PWI was the most respected wrestling magazine in the US.

  • Jg

    “best in the world”

  • Satan

    Cenation SUCKS

  • Wwe4L76

    Yeah, CM punk is good with kids

    • Chris

      As he hands them a bottle of bleach

  • Joe

    No Bobby Roode should be #2