CM Punk Remains Out Indefinitely - Update On WWE Status

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To follow-up on CM Punk being removed from upcoming WWE dates, there doesn't seem to be anything to it. Apparently Punk being listed on the events in the first place was an oversight, something I mentioned in my original report, and nothing regarding his status has changed.

Punk is taking time away from the ring to heal from injuries, as he was actually pulled from live events prior to Wrestlemania 29 due to concerns regarding his health. His match against Undertaker only made his problems worse and by many accounts, Punk is lucky he didn't require surgery.

The former WWE Champion remains out indefinitely.

  • Winnipeg

    Ah jeez. I really hope punk makes it through this. Knee injuries are not to be taken lightly. Once your knees go, in the lyrics of The Miz “say goodbye ta tha good’ol days”

  • Kacie

    Well, this just sucks.

    • Joe Dee

      If only everyone were even remotely as respectful toward the many injuries (pectoral, knee, neck) that Cena has endured. Clearly that’s asking too much.

      • Vanisha

        This article isn’t about Cena. If you want to talk about how great he is, at least comment on an article ABOUT him. Troll.

        • Danny_Boy

          Punk is hurt and is taking time off. Cena on the other hand could of had the same type of injury and still would of worked thru it. Punk is tough but Cena is even tougher.