CM Punk Removed From All Advertised WWE Dates

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CM Punk has been removed from the list of advertised talent on all upcoming WWE shows.

We noted here on last Monday that he was advertised for the 5/27 episode of Monday Night Raw in Calgary and the 6/3 show in Hartford. Further, he was listed as an "advertised talent" for upcoming Raw tours of Japan and Australia. As of this writing, he's been yanked from all of these dates.

As of this writing, I don't know if Punk being listed was an oversight or if there has been a change in his return to the company.

On Saturday, WWE posted a kayfabe article here on dot com, wondering if CM Punk would ever been seen in a WWE ring again.

  • Gage

    He better not have quit o.O

    • Danny_Boy

      Knowing that whiny crybaby he probably did. If I never saw CM Ass in the ring again I’d be a pretty happy man, WWE doesn’t need him. He’s just a spoke on the wheel., he’s words not mine.

      • Danny_Boy


        • Nostaljack

          Well, that was mark-tastic.

  • Now would have been great for the I’m leaving with the title and not coming back story.

    • Danny_Boy

      What would be even better is if he actually quit and never cameback

      • Ben

        What would be even better than that is if you stopped bitching about Punk, went away, and never came back.

  • miss u punk

    • Danny_Boy

      Nobody outside of the iwc misses or cares about Punk. Ratings have been better when he’s not on tv. McMahon should pay attention to that.

      • chris

        Guys like you are the reason wrestling’s in the state it’s in. You got the one guy in the company that’s the best on the mic and in the ring and someone wants to mention ratings. Keep watching Cena for another 10 years beating the odds, dancing big men, midgets and a whole bunch of young guys just being happy to lose on tv. If anything, WWE needs at least 20 men like Punk.

        • Danny_Boy

          LOL guys like you are the reason why ECW went out of business. They catered to morons like you and went out of business. The last thing the WWE needs is 19 more Punks too drag down ratings. Overrated in the ring and on the mic. Austin Aries > CM Punk. Keep supporting that crybaby bitch all you want.

          • chris

            Crybaby? The man states his opinion. If he kept his mouth shut, he’d be doing what Zack Ryder’s doing now. And so many of the others who aren’t 6’5. The ratings aren’t down because of CM Punk, it’s because the product is simply stale. How can you not appreciate the only guy in the mainevent who gives a shit about putting on new matches and works a diverse, fresh style. If you appreciate Austin Aries, i don’t see why you hate on Punk. P.S Steve Austin, Bret Hart and Chris Jericho are just a few of the names of people who got pushed by being ‘crybaby’s’ against the booking. Remember Austin’s shoot on Bischoff in ECW?

          • Danny_Boy

            No, he cries & bitches everytime he doesn’t get his way. And he’s very envious of other peoples success. Like how he buried Miz on his DVD even though Miz showed him nothing but respect. Punk is a bitch and you know it. He has no respect for his peers nor does he love the business. Remember how he told his fans to drink poison and die or hw he attacked a fan in the stand. Punk represents everything that is wrong with wrestling today. If Cena had done something like that all you Punk fans would be crying wolf

          • Punk has the attitude that more people need that’s it. He’s not a crybaby. If he is so is everyone else that complain about cena. They complain cena needs to go away a d change up the shows. Yet that’s all punk wants. Is a change. Because now wwe is really only a youtube skip around show.

          • Danny_Boy

            And Punk doesn’t put on diverse matches. All his matches consist of sloppy offensive kicks with rest holds with a week ass finish.

        • Only if everyone in wwe was like. Change or I’m leaving

      • You are deranged my friend. Not wanting a real wrestler to come back to a wrestling company!

        • Danny_Boy

          Your the deranged one. There are plenty of workers on the roster that would wrestle circles around Punk. Ambrose, Cesaro, Bryan, Ziggler, Jericho, Gabriel etc etc. Punk isn’t needed in the WWE. The WWE is successful with Punk and would be even more successful without him. Punk is a cancer backstage with all of his bullshit politicking and complaining. I’m pretty sure the other workers backstage are tired of him always running his mouth. Notice how McMahon gave Punk a bunch of time off, it’s because he’s tired of dealing with that arrogant/ignorant ass backstage everytime time he’s slighty inconvenienced.

          • MrSnaps

            Justin Gabriel has 0 psychology. And he’s terrible at selling. And he has minimal charisma. Ambrose, Ziggler, Bryan, Cesaro, I agree with you there, they are good. I don’t know if I’d say that they can wrestle circles around punk, but they are certainly good. Justin Gabriel is not. Jericho is of course great but he’s also getting a little old to be a mainstay.

            Also, Punk was given time off to prevent an injury from degenerating to the point where it would require surgery. If so many people had a problem with him backstage, then why do so many people want to work programs with him?

        • Most people aren’t smart enough to know a difference in a guy that sucks so you boo him or a guy who is good at being a heel so boo them

  • Dan

    I think they are doing it to make his return as mysterious as possible. Although they can obviously still sell tickets to all these shows without him.

  • Matt

    Awaits Justin Lal’s nonsensical, homophobic, hypocritical ass to descend.

    • Chris

      You must be a Justin Lal groupie since your awaiting for him to decend. Swallow much do you?

      • Matt

        Not to stoop to your rank level but you’re doing sex wrong if your descending. What is it with you bloody idiots recently just calling everyone virgins and making disgusting sex references. Grow up or piss off and let the grown ups do talking. Yea? Yea? Good.

        • Chris

          Funny coming from a guy who just called someone an ass

    • Its Sunday… why so angry?

      • Matt

        What’s Sunday got to do with it? Just because you’re religious it may surprise you to know not everyone else is

        • Sunday is a day a piece and here you are calling me out when I haven’t even posted. It may also surprise you that most people in this world are religious. Next time wait for me to post before you bring up my name.

        • Sunday is a day of peace. It may also surprise you that most people in this world are religious. Next time wait for me to post before you bring up my name. I’m not a homophobe, I’m just against changing the definition of marriage. If I was a homophobe I would want nothing to do with gays. That’s not the case. I know plenty of gays and some of them don’t want to to change the marriage laws in this country. This may surprise you!

          • Matt

            I’m not American!you troglodyte! You called Jason Collins a “man of sin”. You disgustingman. And logging in with two different names and getting voted down on BOTH!? Well done. I never said the majority of the world wasn’t religious. I said not everyone is. Idiot.

  • Amber J

    Ugh, I hope he’s back by the June 10th show. 🙁

  • Xavier

    Hey Richard, are you gonna actually let me post something or are you gonna keep blocking my comments?

  • Luke

    How do you guys get so wound up by eachothers opinions? It’s hilarious for the neutral to read but come on guys. Grow up.