CM Punk Responds To Chris Brown With Scathing Video

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CM Punk has continued his Twitter feud with Chris Brown with the following video, in which he says to Brown, among other things: "I will choke you out and make you feel as weak and as powerless and scared and alone as any woman who has had the misfortune of knowing a sad, cowardly little boy such as yourself":

  • Hitman310

    CM Punk is the man…

  • Bmac4395

    Okay Punk. You’re one of my fav wrestlers but be the better man and let this go.

  • Jay

    I’d pay to see that

  • stoney

    You tell him Punk

  • Jack

    Not really much else needs to be said

  • cristina

    I sit here with a nasty cold that has sapped just about every drop of strength I have to offer, but I am finding it in myself to stand up out of my chair to give C.M. Punk a STANDING ovation!! Punk I have liked you for a long time, but my respect for you has just multiplied tenfold. That you for sticking up for us women. You ARE what a REAL MAN is all about.

  • Jordan

    Chris Brown is and will always be a coward.

  • Bmac4395

    Okay, I admit that I did not view the video before commenting. Now I wish I could delete my previous comment. Props to CM Punk for speaking his mind and pulling no punched!

  • tjay

    Great CM Punk (and people who have responded above me and like minded individuals), now if your a real feminist, turn your attention to Vince McMahon and the WWE, the company that continues to perpetuate the ideology/myth of female inferiority which enables/fosters violence against women. Gimme a break and get off your high horses.

    • Rofn

      Baby steps Tjay, baby steps…

      • tjay

        Baby steps? Attacking a more than two year old issue isn't taking baby steps, it is simply pretentious. I mean damn, I know this is a wrestling site, but it doesn't mean we should throw logic out the window just because a wrestler highlights an issue…

        • Jay

          He started this with a little joke about Chris brown who then retaliated. And who cares about time?? Doesn’t make it any less heinous

    • ANM

      Chirs Brown was (and still is very popluar) and he has a platform to do good from. He could have been a good role modle to young men but instead he lost his cool. Chances are that alot of those young men now think its ok to hit a woman. CM Punk is very popular right now and he, for the most part, uses his platform for the better; i.e. no drugs no alcohol not hitting a woman. Good for him!

      • AceV

        I’m pretty sure people don’t think that. But everyone obviously think its ok for a Woman to hit a man and expect the man not to retaliate.

    • enrique

      look what happens in the wwe is a storyline! thats it . wwe pays there girl wrestlers more then any other company including tna.

  • Westcoastronin

    I havnt been much of a Punk fan myself, but that takes some serious balls to make a video statement like that…cudoos to you C.M. you are THE MAN…Good on ya!!!!…I'm finally a Fan of yours.

  • Matt

    I'd love for Chris Brown to say any of his stuff to CM Punk's face. Wrestling might be fake in his eyes, but the muscles are darn real.

  • Yanman

    All Chris Brown has to do is tell Punk I may have hit Rihanna but I think you’ve got me confused with another Chris… your hero, I think his name is Benoit. Brown wins.

    • tjay

      even better point

    • Deep

      What exactly is the connection between Punk and Benoit? You guys (or maybe it's the same guy posting under different handles, who knows) keep mentioning Benoit, as if wrestling fans are ok with what he did. Then bring up Stone Cold because he allegedly put his hands on Debra. I don't know the details of that but if Stone Cold did beat Debra he's a scumbag too. However, we have photographic evidence of what Brown did, and if as a man who has had women he has cared about in his life (a wife, a sister, a mother, or anyone) you aren't completely disgusted by what he did you need to get your priorities straight.

      • Jay

        Boom!!! Some truth

  • Kleck

    That’s why I say Hey man, nice shot

  • Bault16

    There’s a reason he calls himself the best in the world

  • 7028brethart

    Chris brown just got owned by CM PUNK, said it all, well said PUNK.

  • If Punk needs a Tag Partner to make this happen, count me in.

  • squigee

    I looked for the meaning of Chris Brown in a dictionary, and all it could give me was a picture of some fat man's butt.

  • Loki P

    Punk, you are not only a man, you are THE man. RESPECT

  • H.M.

    Punk is so awesome, that he always does something to make me a bigger fan of his. This was just another one of those things. I swear, I had always known Punk was talented, and I was a fan of him since late 07 but after I saw exactly how outspoken he could really be once he became heel in 09 that's where I was drawn in. I never followed him in ROH, or in the Indys(although I've had the privelige of watching some of his matches vs the likes of Samoa Joe and such on Youtube) so he was pretty much someone I was unfamliar with. Anyway, this is irrelevant to the video at hand, but ever since his worked shoot last July, he's just become one of the best guys on the stick in a damn long time. This outspoken attitude is something this industry needs more of. Punk is quite simply THE guy today. He deserves it.

  • AceV

    Why cm punk didn’t make this statement when it first happened?

    That’s not his place. It’s nothing but an angle though. You people are drones!!!

  • Jeremy

    Angle or not, Punk is right. Chris Brown hasn't really payed for what he has done and he deserves what future punishment he has coming (hopefully a long awaited beat down). I would love to see Punk give him what he deserves. #PraisePunk

    • AceV

      And who are we to judge? Us as people, do wrongful things everyday but we are so quick to point the finger at someone else because their wrongs was exposed. Cm punk have done bad things in his life too, could be worse, might not be, but his hasnt come into the public eye like Chris brown’s. You don’t know what personal turmoil that man went through. And don’t even know the whole story. But that’s just how the world turns I guess.

  • Jaycee

    I don't see why people are trying to tear Punk a new one for what he said. Out of all the thousands of people that were going after Chris Brown, why single him out? Brown could have just ignored it like he ignored the others. He just won a Grammy then proceeded to act like an childish prick about it. That annoyed a lot of people, including CM Punk. Chris Brown, his weak sauce "Team Breezy" and the wrestling fans blew it up to the monster that it has become. All this other stuff that people are bringing into it (Austin, Benoit, etc) is irrelevant. And I got a feeling Punk would have never made the video if people hadn't blown in out of proportion. He said what he had to say in his initial tweet.

    My biggest peeve in all of this is that the WWE just HAD to acknowledge it. They should have just stayed out of it. They just pretty much cheapened Wrestlemania. not to mention, just proved how low they will go to promote themselves.

  • bettysteve

    l do not believe in violence against anyone, but how is it that the media constantly re-enforces the view that it is acceptable for a woman to strike a man, and to expect NO response from the man??!!!!!!!!!
    assault is assault, justice is SUPPOSED to be blind, yet when assaults take place, the man is "dropped" by the police first, before the facts are known. good onya punk for airing your opinion, but, *shrug*, EVRYONE should keep their hands to themselves outside sporting arenas, then maybe the world will be a nicer place.
    so speaks the hippie.

    • Jay

      I’m 6’4 275lbs. The point is I can defend myself against pretty mch anyone so at the end of the day it’s my own fault if I get hit/injured. It may be old fashioned but if a woman hit me I would just shrug it off. However (and this may get some heat) a woman (generally) is muh less able to defend herself than a man would be. I would never hit a woman for that reason. Only a coward would hit the defenseless. I don’t think that has anything to do with morals. Just has to do with being a decent human being

    • AceV


  • Jay

    Media not morals. Brain fart. My bad :p

  • TheSeizureComic

    Stone cold Steve austin was arrested on charges of beating up Debra.
    I don't see Punk making any videos challenging HIM to a fight.

  • AJG316