CM Punk Responds To Chris Jericho's Announcement About His Father

CM Punk refused to respond to Chris Jericho's controversial comments about his father in a video on the official WWE website (click here to view it), but he took to Twitter later that night to respond:

  • H.M.

    This feud got 100x better. Much more entertaining then that disappointing concert(felt a bit disappointing compared to his concerts of the past). I wish these guys got more TV time the last few weeks! We don't need Funkasaurus right now, and last week we didn't need Cena saying the same stuff he's been saying throughout the past year when he was sitting in the empty TD Garden arena, droning on and on for 15 minutes.

  • StrEEywYZe

    Look, I know a work when I see it…..I really wish these guys would not kayfabe on twitter. It insults out intelligence. Punk opened the door to this angle back in 2003 ROH when he was feuding with Raven, so I know he isn't the least bit angry about this.

    • Matt Scott

      Thank you! God I was struggling to work it out for myself! I am so flad you've clarified it. Thank you.

  • Mitch

    I have heard allot of talk that punk didn’t know that they were doing that. Are those allegations correct?

  • Tyler

    That was low of Jericho to do that, even thought it just fueled up the rivalry even more!

  • AJG316

    AMEN everybody has skeletons in their closet. I have some, I know everybody reading this comment has them so why does Jericho have to make it personal

    • Matt Scott

      Have you been watching wrestling long?

    • bruno

      why dont you ask the rock why he spoke of cena's mother

  • Dojo

    Huh?????? WRESTLING IS SCRIPTED PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!! Punk knew Jericho would say something about his Dad & am guessing it was done to bring more attention to there match at mania seeing as it is being overshadowed by the ‘bigger’ matches………..

  • Thomas M.

    My only complaint with Jericho bring up Punk's dad was Punk's reaction. I knew Punk's dad was an alcoholic far before last night because I think Punk has said so in a few interviews when asked why he was sXe. I understand bringing the feud up to the next level with personal issues, but I just couldn't suspend my disbelief that Punk would be so ashamed with something he has brought public himself.

  • FeR

    I love Punk, and I wish this feud have more time on TV (even more than HHH and Taker, or Rock and Cena), but Punk's acting was awful, love that the feud had a twitch, but come on, Punk sold it terrible, and I am saying this because Punk has proven in the past that he's better at selling promos.

  • Thomas

    While I know this was all scripted, I was a little surprised they used this type of story line in the "PG era". Though something like this could fuel it to making it a little better for us. Regardless, I think it could of been done better. I expected Punk to throw down or say something,it's the first time he's ever been speechless before…..curious to see what the script has going on here. Wrestlemania is gonna be sweet!

    • Vince

      Lets be honest most things that happened in the wwe since last year had been a bit over the pg border

  • rrr

    Jericho can say whatever and so can punk its not gonna change the fact that their match will be a toilet match which means you can take a toilet break while they wrestle.