CM Punk & Rob Van Dam Injured At WWE Money In The Bank

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CM Punk & Rob Van Dam received staples in their heads following their performances at the WWE Money in the Bank pay-per-view last night. According to the official WWE website, Punk received 13 staples, and Van Dam received 14 staples. Joey Styles reported that both men received a total of 32 staples and 1 chipped tooth. Photos of both men being treated by medical personnel are available at this link.

Punk posted a graphic image of his head wound on his Twitter account, as well as the treated wound, which is embedded below:

Both Punk and Van Dam are advertised to appear at tonight's WWE Raw at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

  • The Nightmare

    I feel the pain they are having. I’ve had staples in my head before too. Holy crap, 13 staples has got to hurt. Hurt even worse coming out. OUCH!

  • Phil

    Unfortunately i thought this would happen with that many world champs plus an ECW original! mistakes can be made and it looks gnarly! Makes it look more ‘real’ though so it kid of added to the match.
    i hope it doesnt hinder them on RAW and get better soon!