CM Punk Says He Feels More Comfortable As A Heel; Has Nothing Against Jon "Bones" Jones

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WWE Champion CM Punk was on 670 The Score in Chicago on Friday. In the interview, Punk said as the company's champion, he's the leader. He said he thinks he's more comfortable as a heel. When asked about Jon "Bones" Jones, Punk said he has nothing against him but you got to love Twitter. You can listen to the interview at this link.

  • James

    Ziggler is way better in the ring than Punk.

    • Jaycee

      I like Ziggler too, but please tell me you're joking.

    • Andrew Ace

      Ok but who’s the champion

      • You asked!


      • Andre

        Cena's been champ more then Punk so he's better then both of them

    • Joe O.

      No, he sells better but technically Punk is much better.

    • Joda

      I also like Ziggler, but he is not "The best wreslter in the world!" 🙂

      • Ethan

        You’re right, but neither is punk, Jericho is the Best In The World

    • jdl

      And Bryan is a better in ring performer than anyone else in WWE, what's your point?

      • Joe

        Calm down girls

  • outkazt09

    Troll harder son.

  • Ben

    I love wwe over tna but austin aries is better than anyone in wwe if were talking about wreatling terms

    • Joe

      Doesn’t matter what terms, Bryans better than him

      • Ben

        Quite clearly dont watch hin wrestle