CM Punk Says It's Not His Goal To Top HBK's Matches Against Undertaker

Mark Madden interviewed CM Punk on Wednesday. Since there was so much in the interview, we're breaking it up and running it in different posts. In the below excerpt, Punk talks about his Wrestlemania 29 match against The Undertaker:

How do you make The Undertaker seem vulnerable?

Take his urn I guess. Everyone is expecting me to try and top the Shawn Michaels matches. That's not my goal. My goal is to make the match the best the situation allows me to make it.

A lot of people think you're the top guy in wrestling and you're in a main event at Wrestlemania. Do you ever take the time to savor that or are you too busy doing it?

I'm way too busy doing it. I think I put too much stock in being the last match at Wrestlemania so I'm way too angry about not being the last match. I think I put too much pressure on myself and I certainly don't enjoy certain aspects. I don't enjoy the ride so to speak.

When Madden told him to have a good match at Wrestlemania, Punk assured him he would try his best.

You can listen to the interview in its entirety at this link.

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  • The Taker/Punk won’t be wont people think it will be… and then Punk will rant about it on twitter.

  • John

    Fans have been saying for years that Undertaker’s matches at WrestleMania won’t be great due to his age/injuries, yet every year he delivers an excellent match. I remember back when nobody was looking forward to Undertaker vs. Batista yet they ended up stealing the show in one of the best matches of the year!

    Undertaker vs. Punk will be a great match.

    • Michael

      I agree with what you just said but I don’t like how Punk fans call him the best when he’s not. Punk himself said that he doesn’t have good matches with big men and I feel like if you claim to be the best in the world you have great matches with anybody no matter the size.

      • Don

        True, but the taker isn’t your average big man.

        • Michael

          That’s my point if he can’t have a good match with one of the best big men he’s not the best in the world. Michaels had great matches with Nash, Vader, Sid, and Taker. When you’re the best you’re just that the best no matter who you’re in the ring with period.

  • romatesla

    Punk is a fool. He cannot bring it at wrestlemania. Legends like HBK & HHH couldn’t finish the Undertaker, why such a cocky piece of shit like Punk is put in a match with him… That’s stupid 🙂

    • Jeff

      Let us observe the wild mark in his natural habitat…

      • Amaan

        This comment is awesome!

      • Matt

        I just wet my boxers laughing.

    • Michael

      You do know that wrestling is pre determined right.

      • romatesla

        Yeah I’m not 4)) sure i know.

        • Michael

          You sound like you don’t.

    • Adam “SwipeManMcNasty”

      Youngins read this, language should probably be watched.

      Also, LOL.

      • romatesla

        What is wrong with the language??

        • Adam “SwipeManMcNasty”

          It was just the one little curse word. Im not offended or anything, just trying to help you avoid any future issues with anyone who may be sensitive. lol.

          • romatesla

            You are talking about piece of shit””??:)

  • Michael

    No offense to Punk but nobody could top the Michaels/Taker matches even if they tried. There’s only one mr. wrestlemania and only one phenom.

  • Adam “SwipeManMcNasty”

    So, He pretty much confirmed that Punk v Taker wont close the show.

    • Pinkie Pie

      It should be fairly obvious that Cena vs Rock will close Wrestlemania (again). Will it be better than Punk vs Undertaker or Triple H vs Lesnar? Doubtful. But it WILL be the closer, I don’t doubt that.

      • Xavier

        Punk/Taker will be the worse out of the 3. Punk doesn’t have very good matches with big men

  • OhYouDidntKnow

    In other words he knows he can’t top it

    • Xavier

      Exactly. HBK > Punk

  • Aly

    He also basically confirmed that he’s going under to the Undertaker. Although everyone pretty much already assumed that.