CM Punk Says The Rock Proved Him Wrong, Comments On The Return Of Brock Lesnar

WWE Champion CM Punk was on FOX DC this morning to promote tonight's Raw Supershow. You can watch video of the appearance embedded below:

  • Michael

    Why is he wearing an elbow pad?

    • Bmac

      Because he’s a wrestler

      • KELSO


  • Denny

    Always like cm punk on the morning news, very interesting.

  • bruno

    sorry punk, you are not yet on the level on cena

    • Chris

      Why would he want to lower himself to Cena's level?

      • JasonGaza

        this guy tells the truth, from the looks of it cena and punk are 50/50 as for the face of wwe, Randy orton is no where near anymore, but Brock may steal shine from the two. No idea what Rocky is up to.

      • Zack Ryder


      • kapil

        cena is already on the level that punk would never ever achieve ………………..

    • Mylo

      I have to agree to a degree. Perhaps if they stopped pushing Cena as the top guy others would get there, but Punk does have a distance to travel before he reaches the heights of Austin, Rock, HHH, Taker, etc. It's a steep hill, especially when all the wrestlers lack character.

      I hate how the essentially all current roster wrestlers just smirk off most verbal feuds nowadays. I guess that's the dose of reality TV dragging it down.

      Orton is damn boring. He has some moves, but his matches always feel the same.

  • Cena Sucks

    Punk owns Cena..

  • Guy Landau

    "He seems surprisingly literate"…
    While they were all laughing, I am sure Punk was agitated inside about the ignorance people still have about Pro Wrestling. I think him being champion is a great example for the WWE, more than guys like Dave Batista ever could be.
    Also, he must've wanted to correct the interviewer whenever he said "belt".