CM Punk Says The Rock Proved Him Wrong, Comments On The Return Of Brock Lesnar

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WWE Champion CM Punk was on FOX DC this morning to promote tonight's Raw Supershow. You can watch video of the appearance embedded below:

  • Michael

    Why is he wearing an elbow pad?

    • Bmac

      Because he’s a wrestler

      • KELSO


  • Denny

    Always like cm punk on the morning news, very interesting.

  • bruno

    sorry punk, you are not yet on the level on cena

    • Chris

      Why would he want to lower himself to Cena's level?

      • JasonGaza

        this guy tells the truth, from the looks of it cena and punk are 50/50 as for the face of wwe, Randy orton is no where near anymore, but Brock may steal shine from the two. No idea what Rocky is up to.

      • Zack Ryder


      • kapil

        cena is already on the level that punk would never ever achieve ………………..

    • Mylo

      I have to agree to a degree. Perhaps if they stopped pushing Cena as the top guy others would get there, but Punk does have a distance to travel before he reaches the heights of Austin, Rock, HHH, Taker, etc. It's a steep hill, especially when all the wrestlers lack character.

      I hate how the essentially all current roster wrestlers just smirk off most verbal feuds nowadays. I guess that's the dose of reality TV dragging it down.

      Orton is damn boring. He has some moves, but his matches always feel the same.

  • Cena Sucks

    Punk owns Cena..

  • Guy Landau

    "He seems surprisingly literate"…
    While they were all laughing, I am sure Punk was agitated inside about the ignorance people still have about Pro Wrestling. I think him being champion is a great example for the WWE, more than guys like Dave Batista ever could be.
    Also, he must've wanted to correct the interviewer whenever he said "belt".