CM Punk Says WWE Plans To Reveal New WWE Championship Belt; Doesn't Feel It's "Any Better" Than Spinner Belt

WWE Champion CM Punk said on Saturday at the Wizard World Comic Con in Philadelphia that WWE is planning to reveal a new WWE Championship belt. He said he's seen the new title and it's about 20 pounds heavier than the current spinner belt, however, he doesn't feel it's "any better" than the current one.

You can watch his comments at the 34-minute mark in the video embedded below:

  • ChaosBlue

    20 Pounds? Damn. But it's about time. But I honestly feel that WWE's creativity with designing new championship belts have falle off the wayside. (I.E. Divas and Tag Team Championships the most).

    I feel, like with the Intercontinetal Championship, the new design wil harken similarly to the Winged Eagle design.

    • Daniel Moreno WWE

      with an extra 20 pounds the refs wont be able to lift it up

  • matt

    i have a feeling its going to be very ugly simmilar to the wwe ecw silver belt or the ugly tag belts. just bring back the eagle wwf belt the one bret hart had

  • Dave Barton

    Isn’t the spinner already far heavier than the other belts? Cripes, I could so a bigger belt being made for a superheavyweight like Mark Henry, but Punk is a cruiserweight!

  • Kleck

    Get a nice workout by lifting the belt over your head every night for a few months

  • Jordan

    It'll just have a giant Cena face on it.

  • Dangerous Lee

    20 pounds heavier is an exaggeration. That would mean the new belt would weigh between 30 and 40 pounds. For anyone who is into weightlifting, that’s a rediculous amount of weight to have on your waist or throwing up onto your shoulder. Also sounds impractical for the way the belt should be used.

  • AJG316

    So when are they going to debut the new belt??????

    • Eric

      Raw's 1000th episode is coming up. Perhaps then?

  • Bill

    they should do the old undisputed title