CM Punk Scheduled To Open Tonight's WWE Raw

WWE Champion CM Punk will open this week's Raw by "addressing his actions" from last week's 1000th Raw where he took out The Rock.

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  • Cm punk is bad

  • jdl

    Hopefully they're just shake shaking him back to being closer to what he was around this time last year instead of the watered down impersonation he's become.

  • Randy

    I keep on forgetting that its at 8 o’ clock now. I’m prob not the only one though lol. I hope WWE keeps in mind that if the ratings are low the first hour it most likely means people forgot.

  • Randy

    Where or why he took out the rock

  • wwefanatic

    What? Like on a date?

  • Vince

    cm punk as heel is good thing for him. He is now gonna be the main heel and is not behind cena with the # 2 babyface.

    • Hardy

      Yeah heel punk is better than this current face version without a doubt. But I still would take a cena heel turn over punk -.- cena’s character had needed a shake up a lot longer than punk has.

  • Ricky Valdez

    Finally there is someone who says he is the best in the world and then goes out and proves it, first it was Bret now it’s cm punk.