CM Punk Shaken Up At Live Event; Legends Weigh In On Bruno Sammartino's Hall Of Fame Induction

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-CM Punk was shaken up at Saturday's WWE Raw live event in Springfield, Missouri. The Miz botched a stalling suplex on Punk, causing him to land awkwardly on his head. Punk was then checked on by officials for several minutes and eventually went on to continue competing, although our correspondent noted that "you could tell it had an impact on him." Click here for full results from the event.

-The official WWE website has an article up with quotes from The Brooklyn Brawler, Tommy Dreamer, Joey Styles, Dory Funk Jr., Howard Finkel, Trish Stratus, The Rock, Michael Cole, JBL, and Shawn Michaels, all weighing in on Bruno Sammartino's upcoming induction into the WWE Hall of Fame. Click here to view the article.

  • chris

    The miz is such an overrated jackass. He even botched catching Rtruth a few years back. He’s nothing but a wannabe-rock, lame catchphrases and unoriginal ringwork. And that damn ‘beard’ that just doesnt grow in makes him look 14 instead of 12. This guy better not get to work with lesnar.

    • ExcuseMeREGNA

      The Miz is Awesome!

      • Guest


    • 1molly23

      Unfortunately, Miz is careless in his in-ring work – so maybe pitting him against Lesnar, who’s not exactly uber-talented would be a justified result. It would be interesting to see who got hurt the worst first! Might, teach each of them a little respect for their wrestling superstar peers.

    • Jimmy

      A few years ago? lol it was just last year. But i do agree with you.

  • Pluto

    Why is this news. I swear the bias against Miz and the bias for Punk on this page is unreal. Everytime Miz sneezes the wrong way it’s news. Everytime Punk throws a soda pop can in the recycle bin we gotta hype it up too make him look like a hero SMH. Botches happen on a regular basis and wrestlers get a little banged up.

    • Because it’s regarding a superstar’s wellbeing…

      • You people didn’t have this outburst when CM Punk shoved a fan or was stupid enough to tell a fan on twitter to “drink bleach.” What about the well being of fans both physically and emotionally? Stop playing the double standard game — we see enough of that in the lamestream media.

        • Dangerous Lee

          Dude, are you high? No one is having an outburst. This is just news regarding a wrestlers health. News like this is always reported no matter who it is. And the 2 irrelevant examples you pointed out were also reported when it happened.

          • I don’t think he’s high. I think he’s just a deep-seeded mark. He’s one step away from *that guy* who refers to the workers by their real names in conversation.

          • Rod Roddy

            Or refers to the wrestlers as “workers.”

          • Well they do more than wrestle. Would you rather me refer to them as superstars?

          • No one is having an outburst? Really? On every site this news has been reported on there is an uproar from fans ripping Miz with some suggesting that WWE fires him. Those 2 “irrelevant” examples were reported on — when did I say they weren’t? Read carefully. Those 2 incidents were reported on, yet most fans were silent on the matter. It’s a big deal if a wrestler makes contact with a fan or is dumb enough to tell a fan to drink something hazardous. Had Cena, Miz, or Orton said those things the IWC would have screaming at the top of their lungs. But CM Punk is always given a pass by the IWC. I’m a fan of Punk, but I hate the double standard when it comes to him.

            Jon Gill: I refer to the WWE Champion as The Rock, not Dwayne as many of his detractors do. I’m not a mark for anyone.

          • Pluto

            It’s funny how all these Punk fans are calling you a mark but when Pun lost the title too the Rock they were on here crying like little bitches.
            I feel bad for CM Punk, he’s a great wrestler, but boy do his fans suck, they are without a doubt the worst fans in wrestling hands down and most Punk fans are complete douche bags. Not all of them but I’d say 90-95 percent don’t know anything about wrestling.
            I agree with everything you’ve said but sadly logic & truth doesn’t work on Punk fans so I wouldn’t bother trying too have intelligent conversation with them, Trust me I’ve tried and it’s pointless.

        • I know right!!! How about when C.M.Punk beat up the wrong fan!! He should have been stripped from his Title!!!

        • Pluto

          CM Punk fans are notorious for playing double standards. That’s why they are the worse wrestling fans in the world.

    • Jacob

      I’m the one that sent in the live results that highlighted the botched move. I added it in as a note because it was terribly executed and Punk was obviously impacted by it. I like Miz, but it was noticeable by people sitting around me who don’t really watch wrestling that it was botched.

  • The Breaker

    People who defend The Miz always say, “He’s worked so hard to get to where he is and deserves a spot.”. Well, if a top spot is determined that way, then isn’t that that true for pretty much anyone on the roster? And the fact is, that despite his effort, Miz hasn’t really made that leap in ability to prove to us that he belongs in the ring with Punk or Lesnar. He probably doesn’t deserve some of the hate he gets, but because he continues to get shoved down our throats, his detractors will only get louder. And unfortunately for him, the news of him botching a move and hurting the guy who has a huge rematch with The Rock coming up soon won’t exactly do wonders for his image.

  • Stanners

    If the miz botched on heath Slater or someone like that, no one would care it wouldn’t even make a news article

    • That’s because Heath Slater is not a top star in the company. CM Punk is WWE’s 1b and unless you are 1a, if you don’t protect him you’re just not doing your job.

      • Razmos

        Everyone should just hush their gums about it, wrestling is a dangerous business, the moves they do in and out of the ring are all dangerous and take years of perfection and training to pull off, whoever you are, what ever you do, DONT TRY THIS!!

      • Pluto

        So because Slater isn’t a top star his well being & health doesn’t matter. Typical Punk fan talk right there

  • Maze

    This is not the first time The Miz has botched spots to cause I juries to other wrestlers. Remember he basically moved out the way and did not catch a wrestler that did a tope dive. I think Miz is talented but careless at times.

    • Can’t call him careless when you only mention two mistakes over the past 12 months. People make mistakes, it happens

      • Maze

        Ive been in this business for over 14 years and I can honestly say that Miz is sloppy and needs to train more. The guy probably gets to the building early and just sits around when he should be working out in the ring.

    • Jimmy

      Yea he didn’t catch R-Truth. Landed right on his head and couldn’t continue the match.

  • _JIM_

    Way to go Miz. You’d think tht he would be a bit more careful when he gets an opportunity to work with the top level talent.

  • Miz doesn’t draw shit compared to Punk but if you saw the Punk DVD Miz idolizes and glorifies Punk because of his backstage help. I do think this is like Orton and Kennedy/Anderson.