CM Punk Shoots On Bones Jones Getting Global Endorsement Deal From Nike

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WWE Champion CM Punk is not a fan of UFC's reigning light-heavyweight champion Jon "Bones" Jones getting a global endorsement deal from Nike as he Tweeted the following:

Click here for more on the deal.

  • Bobby W.

    He's got a point. Let's drop Tiger Woods for cheating on his wife, but reward a guy who could have killed someone a deal!

    • Richard Gray

      THIS… Very much agree

      • Give it a rest Punk!

        Wasn't Stone Cold Steve Austin arrested for domestic abuse against his wife?! CM Punk claimed that is someone he has looked up too and respected…Can you say hypocrite?! This guy tries too hard to stay important. Sticking his nose in the business of others…Very feminine behavior!

        • TheAwesome1

          What kind of endorsements did SCSA receive?

          • Next question please

            Just blockbuster movie roles alongside Hollywood Stars like Sylvester Stallone LOL…And a leading role on Tough Enough!

  • Crossbonez

    Wow just when I start to like CM Punk he has to open his trap! He has to dog on someone that has made a mistake and get all up in their personal buisness! Oh yeah I keep forgetting that he is perfect and never screws up. Maybe he can get a deal with Crocks or Jelly Shoes! Ha Ha! Jealousy sucks! He better watch it because Johnny Bones is NOT Chris Brown!! Jones will make him his CM Punk-Bitch if he is not careful.

    • Joe O.

      He’s not “dogging” on Jones. He is first off voicing his opinion just like everyone has the right to do, and second, he is complaining about Nike supporting the man. Yes, he made a mistake, but it was a big mistake, one that could have killed someone. It’s a terrible marketing move on Nike’s part to back someone up with that on his record, but as mentioned in the comments above Nike dropped Tiger Woods for cheating on his wife. No where near as bad.

      • domkennedy13

        A personal mistake really? I lost my brother from a drunk driver. If you’re old enough to drink,you’re old enough to think. So if anything sir, you need to shit your trap

        • Crossbonez

          I am not saying that drinking and driving is ok because I too have lost loved ones that way. CM Punk just needs to mind his own buisness and stop being jealous of people that are much bigger stars than he is. He said it himself, he never gets movies or magazine covers so he is a jealous twat!! He also calls out people that hates on gays but got his ass handed to him for calling a fan a homo. He IS a hipocrite! He has so many people sucking his ass that no matter what comes out of that pie hole of his, they will agree!! He just cant stand being mediocre! The voice of the senceless. Ballchinian!

    • Jaycee

      Really, dude?
      CM Punk has no filter between his brain and his mouth. He's even said it himself and honestly I think it's one of his best traits.

      So you can either get used to it or go cry in a corner with the rest of the Butthurt Brigade.

  • CrankyVince

    LOL. I’m a HUGE MMA fan, and I believe Jon Jones has the potential to be one of the greatest ever! But I, especially since I’m straight edge myself, no doubt agree with Punk on this one.

  • Dave L

    WWE is barking up the wrong tree, by antagonizing Dana White and UFC. More young adults turned off WWE for their PG programming, and switched to UFC, UFC is the fastest growing SPORT. And I'd bet money that if UFC and WWE went head to head in a real monday or even sunday night war. UFC would top out! time and time again.

    • Don L. Jr

      LOL I like the SPORT, get over the storyline issue. A WWE career is way more taxing on a persons body than UFC. Most UFC guys retire and are fine, most wrestlers are fucked, can't walk, or like Mick Foley can't tie their own shoes! Story lines or not, it's one of the most brutal things you can take on.

      • CrankyVince

        Most wrestlers are like that because they don’t know when to call it quits. There is lots of MMA fighters that end up bad, but they know when to quit. Pretty ignorant statement.

  • T Hall

    He is in a industry that many people have died from drug overdose. Many wrestlers have made mistakes and get endorsed. Austin beat his wife and gets movie deals… And the list goes on. So if your hot in the industry anybody can get a deal. Y’all remember the receiver donta stalleorty who killed a guy from driving drunk. Cabs he got a nfl contract., it’s business

  • Mr. High Horse!

    I'd love to see CM Punk challenge Jone Jones the same way he challenged Chris Brown to a fight…Come on tough guy guy!

    It amazes me how he hates women beaters and drunks, but was wearing wife-beating, beer drinking Steve Austins shirt during his "infamous rant," last Summer…This guy has as much time as Kevin Nash on his hands.

    I'm curious to know has he ever called out Stone Cold on his personal shortcomings…Get a life hypocrite!

  • Yanman

    Bones Jones isn’t getting rewarded because he’s a drunk driver, he’s being rewarded because he’s talented. I think Punk’s “straight edge” and “holier than though” gimmick is starting to irritate people just a little now. Real quick WWE/TNA wrestlers with DUI’s: Alex Riley, Taylor Rotunda, Matt Hardy, Shane Helms, Jimmy Uso, Kurt Angle, Buff Bagwell just to name a few.

  • Andre

    Here we go again, it's always the same ISH with CM "here me cry like a bitch" Punk with another rant. I can't believe this dude has so many fans honestly, all he does is bitch or hate on other people. It's beyond old at this point. He walks around thinking that he is Jesus just b/c he doesn't drink.

  • Andre

    And didn't CM Punk wear a Austin T-Shirt when he cut his famous SHOOT promo in 2011? The same Austin who beats his wife? I'd love too see Punk say that too Jones' face instead of hidding behind his twitter account like the coward he truly is.

    • TheAwesome1

      If SCSA was still a woman beater, I'm pretty sure Punk would be ranting on him too. Why don't you say this to Punk's face instead of hiding behind a comment forum?

      • John

        Is Chris Brown still a woman beater? Why is Punk ranting on him now?? No excuses for what he did, but Chris Brown was 19 years old at the time.. SCSA was like 40 yo when he was arrested for domestic abuse!!

        Major difference between the actions of an immature kid with too much fame for his own good & the actions of a grown man like Steve Austin.

        • The Dude

          Austin was on roids when he beat his wife.

    • Evon Reese

      Punk would never call Austin out on anything. He needs Austin. His match with Austin overrides all else. That's just the way he is. He better hope The Rock doesn't rag on him like he did Cena. Personally I hope he does. It will be interesting to see how Punk handles himself against The Rock. He better keep sucking up to Cena and The Rock. There are a lot of up and coming stars like Tyson Kidd they could get behind . They made him and they can break him.

  • John

    Not only does CM Punk idolize Stone Cold Steve Austin but his good friend is also Chael Sonnen, who is a convicted felon ?? He is an attention whore at the end of the day.

  • Adamtrace

    Tiger woods was dropped cos his brand was destroyed, not cos of the cheating… Jones was signed because he’s the champ not cos of his character…. Marketing has no morals unless they are spelt em-oh-en-eee-why

  • Yanman

    CM Punk is giving The Rock a lot of ammo right now with some of the things he’s saying lately like this and riding Cena’s sack. He wants that number 1 spot so bad. Pipe bombs only work if they make sense. Rock has a lot of ammo now to tear Punk a new one when they face off again.

  • The Dude

    Cm Punk is entitled to his opinion. You can bring up the argument that he supports Steve Austin and Chael Sonnen. However, what kind of endorsements do they receive? It is a different story when a person commits a crime without showing remorse and regretfulness. Punk isn’t an attention seeking whore like so many people are labeling him as. He is just a very opinionated person. What, is he supposed to keep his feelings inside and be expressionless? At least he has the balls to say what is on his mind. And to reply to a previous comment. Why would Punk call Bones Jones out for a fight? It’s not like he beat a woman or anything…. SMH.

    • Lindsay Marie

      That is so true. Thanks.

  • misscmt

    Wasn't his girlfriend Lita arrested not to long ago for DWI ? Just saying.

  • Bishop

    There’s a difference between stating a point and crying out for attention. CM Punk was just stating his frustration. I honestly felt the same way, but quickly just brushed it off. Nike is all about brand, the majority of the UFC/MMA demographic can care less about Jones’ antics. I’m tired of hearing and reading “*put name here* is ruining the sport!”. In any sport there are knuckleheads who do what they do because we, people, make poor decisions. Nobody here or anywhere can walk around with clean hands and look down at others who have made mistakes.

    You want to know what is crying out for attention? Kenny Britt posting his fine notice on his twitter after he was fined for not attending a rehab session.

    Back to Punk, say what you want to say, Twitter is there for a reason.

  • j langside

    i'm not straight edge and i'm a fan of ufc. but it's not bout that, punk was right.