CM Punk Shoots On Part-Time Talent, Targets The Miz's Comments

Mark Madden interviewed CM Punk on Wednesday and asked him about being one of the few top guys in WWE that's there every week. Madden asked him if it sucked or if he wanted to be there every week. Below is Punk's response:

"If I didn't want to be there every week, I wouldn't be there every week. And I'm the only guy that says that. The Miz will go out there and say, 'no it's great having these guys back and blah, blah blah' because, you know, I truly believe he thinks he has to say that.

"The honest reality of it is you bust your ass for 365 days of the year and there's other people that come in and don't work as hard and maybe get paid the same amount of money.

"So to me, as a business man, it just makes me look at it and go, 'OK that's the deal I need to get.' I need to get that deal where I work 15 days a year. You know what I mean? It makes me work harder though and dammit that's going to burn me out."

You can listen to the full interview at this link.

  • I completely agree with CM Punk here. As boostful the special attraction wrestlers are, it’s not fair to those killing themselves 24/7/365 like Punk, Miz and Daniel Bryan.

  • I still laugh at wrestlers who hate on high drawing part time wrestlers. They seem to forget that The Rock has done this schedule before and has worked his ass off to earn the right to be a part time talent in the main event. If he didn’t help the business there’s no way Vince would keep bringing him back.

    • Cheddar

      The Rock only wrestled full time for 7 years. Dolph Ziggler has wrestled that long full time. So, by everyone’s logic that Rock has paid his dues and thus deserves everything that’s handed to him, so does Dolph Ziggler. I’m not picking on Dolph, just using him as an example to show that Rock actually wasn’t there for that long.

      If someone who had your job 9 years ago came to your boss tomorrow and was like “Hey, I only want to work a few days a year, but get paid the same, if not more, than what you’re paying the rest of the people you have working full-time for you right now.”

      I know your job probably doesn’t include all the things that go with being a marketable professional athlete, but this is still no way at all to run a business. It makes you look like you have no faith in your own product and keeps the morale of the people who are actually going to be there working down.

      And he doesn’t help business THAT much. They would be better off to let go of the past and move on to newer audiences.

      • Cheddar

        You’d be upset too*

        • Razmos

          To be fair its the same in every work place, people higher up who earn more money work when they want to ha

        • Wwe number 1 fan

          Simple the full time wrestlers arnt as good as the Rock

      • lashley_says

        Flaw in this argument… Yes, Rock worked full time for 7 years. But Rock DRAWS!! Thats what you forget. Don’t lose sight that WWE is a BUSINESS. They are going to do what makes the most money. Like Richard always say: if you don’t like these guys coming in part-time, OUTDRAW THEM

      • Ziggler doesn’t draw so your argument is flawed. The Rock was one of the biggest names in WWE and still is 8 years later

        • Cheddar

          They haven’t taken the chance/given the push to somebody other than Cena in the past 10 years to draw. When they saw CM Punk was drawing more than him and selling more merch than him, they turned him heel because god forbid the kiddies like a tattooed, drug free, not so bulky. We want their hero to be a guy who shows up to make-a-wish things BECAUSE HE HAS TO and cheats on his wife. So, your argument is flawed because we haven’t even got to see if anybody else can draw. They are afraid to take chances, and even if somebody does work and they draw, WWE has such a boner for Cena, they stop that person right there in their tracks.

          P.S. Also,it wasn’t JUST The Rock that drawed when he was wrestling there. You had some dude named Stone Cold Steve Austin, HHH, Undertaker, Kane, DX, McMahon’s, Corporation, Rikishi, Too Cool, Godfather, Dudley’s,Hardy’s, Edge and Christian, and so on. Those people worked hard too, but all of a sudden now since The Rock is back and obviously on too many steroids, everybody thinks he was the only guy who drew when he wrestled.

          • Re read my comment. I never once said The Rock was the only one who drew big. Also they HAVE given other talents opportunities to rise up and the couldn’t hold a candlestick to Cena. I’m done arguing with you now that you said Cena is doing Make A Wish because he has too. I’m far from a Cena fan and I can still see that he’s doing it because HE wants too. Oh yeah, divorce is sooooo horrible and he’s the only one to ever go through one is the wrestling industry. Ha good try tho. My argument is not flawed because its stating facts. He draws no matter what you say because its the truth. And as long as he draws he will be brought back.

          • Cheddar

            Like I said, they can’t draw when every time they start to, Vince freaks out because he’s afraid of them getting bigger than Cena. Rock isn’t that big of a draw, because wrestling is not that big of a draw. They need to push new people, like they did during the Attitude Era, to bring new interest into the sport. Who cares if he draws for a couple of months when you have to figure out how to draw without him for the other 10.

            And the only reason he wants to do make-a-wish is because he is ashamed of what kind of person he really is, so he needs people to tell him he’s a good person for doing those make-a-wish deals. It’s simple psychology and very on the surface. He got a divorce because he lied and cheated to someone he’s known his whole life. That’s pretty bad. That proves that he would lie or cheat to just about anyone if he would do that to someone he knows. The world is just too politically correct these days.

          • josh

            Rock isn’t a big draw yet last years Mania featuring the Rock vs WWE’s current biggest draw broke records for buys? Okay. Stop hating.

          • Also check out the PPV buys for Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber, both are up.

  • CM Punk and his class warfare bullshit. Rock has earned the right to work less and make more than other talent. Same as Brock. He grew his stock more by going to UFC and I don’t have a problem with amount of money he’s making. CM Punk is such a bitter individual.

    • larry hicks

      dude of course u dont have a problem u dont work with the rock, ur job is not in jeopardy. Cm punk is losing money, because these part timers. Would it piss u off u work 7 days a week , and a person who, left the job and then came back gets to wrk TUES AND WED with the rest of the week off,but makes more money then u can,and can come and go as they please. Come on.

    • larry hicks


  • John

    I love how a lot of wrestlers take shots at The Rock and/or Brock Lesnar for being part time workers yet nobody has the balls to call out The Undertaker for the same thing.

    • Adam “SwipeManMcNasty”

      Taker earned the right. He was a constant for so long.

    • BlazeKing

      But Taker is more beat up than The Rock. How many pictures has Rock posted showing off his physique lately? He’s gloating about how in shape he is but he’s a PPV-only wrestler now. He does nothing for RAW.

  • Xavier

    CM Punk represents Envy & Jealousy. Those are both female traits. Deep down inside Punk realizes that he’ll never be as good or as big a draw as guys like Rock, Lesnar, Taker so he tries to bury these part timers with words or any of his locker room peers who he sees as a threat, Punk’s lives by that douche bag 101 mentality, then with a straight face him &his fans wonder why McMahon won’t make him the face the company. Time to wake up Richard and see what’s real, your hero is an insincere prick who needs to learn when to shut up. He’s quickly becoming the Dwight Howard of the WWE and that’s not a good thing.

    • David

      That isn’t the way that I see his comments at all. I simply see a guy that works very hard and gets fatigued physically and mentally whereas these other guys no longer have to do anywhere near the same.
      To me, Punk can’t draw the same numbers as guys like the Rock because the product is simply not the same as it was back then. If Punk was around back then I believe that he would still be a main eventer.

      The audience that was, is not interested in the overall product of WWE as it is now, but when a top start from back along comes into the picture again ofcourse there’ll be more buys.

  • Ickey

    Is not just work everyday, you have to draw main event reaction everyday, you have to draw big ratings to earn a deal like that…is not only for showing up every week

  • And of course, CM Punk has to single out The Miz.

  • I’m sure Punk was taking a shot directly at Dwayne Johnson because I believe he and Brock are friends. I dunno for sure but I think they are. Besides Brock is not going around carrying the WWE title and only wrestling once a month and only showing up three times a month. I think punk’s gripe with Dwayne was that he came back and said “I think I’ll be wwe champion again.” When punk had to work his ass off to earn that right.

    • Funny how my comment got dumped to the bottom… Ppl around here must hate the truth! Lol

  • King of Smoke

    The Rock or Brock doesn’t deserve the spot light anymore than the other full time wrestlers but as another person said it DRAWS and its always about what makes money but Punk has a right to express how he feels either way.