CM Punk Speaks On His Problem With The Rock

-CM Punk appeared on WAAF 97.7/107.3 on Monday morning with camera crews for his upcoming DVD and, among other things, discussed his feelings on The Rock. When CM Punk revealed that he is on John Cena's side in his feud with The Rock, he went on to explain:

"I just think there's a lot of us backstage and behind the scenes that bust our a-- and we do it 365 days a year, and Rock just kinda comes in with his veneers and he's smiling at everybody and - I don't fault anyone for making money, he can make all the money he wants, but when he preaches about WWE, how much he loves it, and how much it's family, and he loves being there, and nobody ever sees him because he goes right from his limo to his dressing room, from his dressing room to the ring, it's a stark contrast - he says one thing and does another."

Click here to listen to the full interview.

  • Wwe4L76

    Hehe, thats so true

    • monty

      its funny/sad how many people are taking rock's side saying he busted his ass already but guess what he got credit for that now he is no longer a full time wrestler so how would you feel if you work hard but a ex employee can come in for one month and get whole years worth of pay?

      i was one of the biggest rock fans now i want cena to win and shut this once and for all, i still think its gonna be a dirty win either way

  • Patrick_Peralta

    What CM Punk said is true.

    • Alan

      How do you know what he said is true or not? You come off as a Rock hater.

  • 10secondGTR

    The rock probably loves what wwe “used” to be..he just won’t say it for obvious reasons

  • 10secondGTR

    He said in his first return promo “wwe went from the powerful Austin 3:16 to the dominant and iconic if ya smell what the rock is cooking all the way to You can’t see me” it’s obvious he has no respect for these new do called “superstars” which is understood by anyone who watched wresting any years before 2004

  • Demon

    The rock busted his but for years and was one hell of a wrestler. Now that he is a movie star and comes back to wrestle proves how much he loves it. How many of you would quit a job that pays 10x what you make and half the hours to go back to working 300 days a year with way less pay. I think a lot of the wrestlers are mad for nothing. If they could draw like the rock they would do the exact same thing.

    • Adamtrace

      He didn’t go back to 300 days a year

      • Demon

        I didn’t say he went back to working 300 days I said anyone wouldn’t go back to it

      • Demon

        I didn’t say he quit acting I said how many of you or the wrestlers that work now would give up an easy high paying job to working all the time for less pay. If John Cena’s movies would have done well he would not be working the wwe schedule

    • John

      Since when is the rock working 300 days a year? Also,I’m sure he’s getting paid a lot more than the average superstar. He also didn’t stop acting to be in WWE,he’s done a couple of movies since he returned last year.

      • Kris Hardy

        WWE Superstars only get 65 days off.

    • Skidmark-g

      I don't remember anyone calling the Rock "one hell of a wrestler" during the attitude era. He is for sure one of the/if not the best talker off all time, but his in-ring skills didn't get him his spot.

    • Darren

      I agree 100% it sounds like all the locker room is jealous of the Rock success outside the ring. Cena tried to the the movie thing but sucked at it. I guarantee if Cena’s movies took off. He would have took off to Hollywood to. The Rock been gone for 7 years and still can be 1 of the top guys. That why their hating on him. Jealousy

    • BigMike

      people are missing Punk's point altogether ….basically he is saying that if the Rock was all about the people he would not go straight from Limo to dressing room to Ring then back to dressing room then to Limo he would Stop and talk to the other wrestlers or fans but he doesnt I believe THAT is what Punk is saying and if that is true then he is right in thinking that way

  • magruber

    the whole cena/rock thing has begun to piss me off. I feel like the WWE Championship is being shunted to the side for a big money draw. The WWE Championship is supposed to be the most important match at wrestlemania, seconded by the WHC match, yet it only gets abuot 20 minutes of air time.

    I remember the good old days when the champion was at odds with everybody, and everybody wanted to be the champion, and the champion was who carried the show. it is supposed to be the most important thing in the world, yet now the Streak, which I call a Happy Acsident, and a freakin once in a life time match is taking center stage.

    I understand Rock/Cena is important, and would be akin to Babe Ruth's Yankees VS the Big Red Machine Reds, but to be honest, if you have to substitute a World Series for that, then its not worh it.

    • PFElton

      This is WWE in 2012. Titles don't count anymore. WWE – GET IT?!

    • Matt

      That would be a world series jack a$$

    • Stan smith

      The WWE championship hasn’t been important in a long time honestly i think the last time it was really important was when RVD beat Cena to reestablish ECW but sometimes other matchups are bigger than the championship I’ll watch a New York Yankee/Boston Red Sox game over any World Series

    • lex luger

      did'nt cena start this. hey punk you suck! look who's
      stealing the headline.

  • Anthony

    Im a huge fan of the Rock, i grew up watching the guy…but im also a huge fan of Punk. I think this criticism about the Rock is ridiculous, the guy worked hard to get where hes at now…hes earned his spot. The Rock did everything in the WWE, and he wanted to do something more. He's a movie star, big deal? He gets made a lot more and doesnt have to work a crazy busy schedule getting paid less…where is the problem with that? These wrestlers who say these things about the rock are jealous, they should maybe sit back and watch how he is in the ring and maybe take notes so one day they can be as big as him.

  • Bertie

    Totally agree with demon! I love punk and the Rock and I can see where punk is coming from but will he moan when he gets bonuses for pay per view sales, or extra merchandise sales due to it being sold out because the rock is there? Rock puts boots to asses but also puts asses on seats and that is what gives them there money! Bringing back the rock brings back old fans who will like punk, it’s a win win situation in my book. Rock gets limos…. Deal with it

  • Dave Barton

    I think wwe had no faith in a viable main event for this years wm, so they booked rock/cena a year in advance. Punk surprised everyone in the offices by outselling cena.

    • Adamtrace

      This strikes me as the most likely…. Which says to me that punk is partly justified in what he’s saying. If creative/wwe was more invested in its stable of talent then I’m sure we’d see better booking and performers more engaging….

  • Jg

    Punk Iis 100% rite..

  • Hooligan

    I wonder how Punk feels about Jericho's frequent disappearing act.

  • Gary

    Jealousy,thy name is CM Punk. Punk couldnt hold Rock's used jockstrap on Rock's worst day.

  • Adam

    Yet more jealous comments from Punk about the Rock,the day Punk headlines multiple Wrestlemanias,has iconic WM matches and puts over the amount of people The Rock has in his career I’ll listen to his gripes.Until then him and the rest of The Rocks backstage knockers should show the man some respect,The Rock has done it all in the business and is back to give the fans something.Anyone can see that it’s what he does watch his new DVD that says it all.Yes I am a lifelong Rock fan and always will be and I respect Punks work as well and like what he’s doing but these bashing the Rock interviews are rather pointless.Especially when Pubk wants to work a match with Austin who is injured and has moved on from wrestling am I the only one who can see Punks hypocrisy?just my opinion anyway

    • Darren

      Your not the only one Adam. I think all that grease Punk uses to slick back his hair it making his brain to tight. If some struck a match against they may start a fire.

      • D.Nyte

        The reality is, Rock is the main money draw filling the seats and selling the PPV. I understand the frustration of the younger breed, but let the facts be known, his ‘selling point’ is lining everyones pockets..even the critical low-card guys who are fortunate enough to have a spot on the same card as the Attitude throwback. They need to collectively shut their mouths, embrace the popularity he brings and reap the rewards of his contribution. Everyone keeps questioning this years celebrity tie-in right? Well here it is!

  • ryan25056

    CM punk is one of the best things going in wrestling at the moment, great promos, in ring work and all the rest, but rocky has done everything that Punk is currently doing. Rocky deserves every bit of the spotlight, as well as a main event spot at wrestlemania. Punk and the rest of them need to keep their mouths shut cause it makes them look stupid, jealous and bratty.
    And to the fans who eat up every single thing Punk is saying and disregarding the truth and the reasons behind why 'he aint the biggest star at wrestlemania', shut up. You guys also look stupid.
    Punk is awesome dont get me wrong, but some of you people act like you would start saying Stone Cold, The Undertaker and HBK are useless if punk told you so.

  • Synyster

    Has anyone even stopped to think maybe Punk is just doing an angle to get some more attention on Wrestlemania…

  • MEMEMEM & ME!!!

    I noticed a few peeps saying the Rock has done everything in the WWE thats why he went to Hollywood, but then again so has Triple H and The Undertaker yet we dont see them going to Hollywood for what ever the reasons…….

    • Joe

      My point exactly I say that all the time

    • Bob

      Because Undertaker is old and did you see the chaperone? My point is Rock can act they can’t.

    • Brandon

      Does The Chaperone rings your bell? Yeah, that is why Triple H has to stuck in WWE.

  • Ruby

    I am in cm punk side cause I’m not a rocky fan

    • Patrick_Peralta

      I agree with Punk. , if what Punk said is true

      Rock is going from the Limo to the Dressing room to the ring and not even saying hello to the boys or talking to them then Yes that makes him seem like he has a big ego and is above everyone.. if no one sees him the entire time he is backstage.

      That's the Hollywood thing you become a star have a big ego and don't even have the time of day to even say hello to the people who helped you on your journey to the top.

    • Sapphire

      I am in cm punk side cause I'm not a cena fan neither

  • Yanman

    People need to understand that WWE has turned into a full-fledged BUSINESS 24/7. Wrestling is just the actual sport or format. It’s all about the $$$ now. Hell if Vince had a half decent relationship with Hogan, Flair, Warrior, Goldberg, the late Macho Man (RIP) they would all be back or have been back moving that Merch, filling seats, and making that $$$. That’s what’s it’s all about now ladies and gents, as sad as it is to hear and see as true wrestling fans.

  • BigMike

    I understand that When Rock is there more fans are there which means more money and better ratings which means more money so Punk should be happy about that and Im sure he is BUT I believe his main issue is that the Rock says he is for the people yet he spends NO time talking with fans or the other wrestlers he goes from Limo to d=Private room to ring and back to private room to private limo which means no interaction with anyone whatsoever which I think is wrong ………SO as right as the financial reasons are the wrong in the social aspects which is where Punk's point is

  • Clint

    I think many of the reasons the rock doesnt like the new generation of wrestlers is because of how different they are, I remember hearing a story about Nash looking down on the newer generation because instead of going over there matches with the other people they were playing video games

  • kim

    I doubt Punk says any of this out of jealousy. But he does have a point in his reasoning. Rocky just counter acts everything he says he stands for. Sure, I could never actually see him coming back full time – Hollywood’s too sweet to him. But that’s not what this is about. It’s the fact that he says how much the WWE means to him, what we mean to him, and yet, he never actually behaves like anything he says is genuine! He’s never here! And when he is, it’s just a trip from his limo, into his private dressing room and straight to the ring to put on the same act we’ve seen him play over and over again. “The Peoples Champ!”, please! He doesn’t care enough to even bother making an effort! He just waltzes in there, struts to the ring, delivers an electrifying speech of pure BS, let’s the people buy into it, and leaves for another few months. He never says a word to any of the superstars backstage – like Hollywood’s made him too high profile for them. His ego gets in the way too much. I can’t deny that he’s one of the greats, and that he’s earned all the success he has. But he’s all talk as far as his love for the WWE goes. Both Cena and Punk have called him out on that one, yet millions of his devoted and long forgotten fans still continueto delude

  • kim

    *Continue to delude themselves into thinking that he still cares as much as he used to. Hollywood’s his life now, not us. He made that choice. And the fact that we never saw him for seven years proves his fogotten loyalty to his WWE home. He just turns up when it’s convenient to promote his projects, or when Vince asks him a favour.

  • 10secondGTR

    He loves What wwe used to be! When we had mid carders like gangrel Scotty too hotty rikishi the godfather Steve Blackman Val venis mosh and thrasher masked Kane edge Christian Matt and Jeff hardy al snow watch YouTube of these “mid carders” and compare to today and you and cm punk can STFU

  • 10secondGTR

    He loves What wwe used to be! When we had mid carders like gangrel Scotty too hotty rikishi the godfather Steve Blackman Val venis mosh and thrasher masked Kane edge Christian Matt and Jeff hardy al snow

  • 10secondGTR

    The rock is trying to give us “wrestling” back and get rid of the whole super cena bs that you cm punk fanboys complain about so much

  • killer

    ur rite

  • Robert Kraus

    Well said punk you said it all, I also fell the same about Jericho

  • Zjsb

    EVERYBODY CHILL, it is a storyline or ‘shoot’ by punk

  • Wick

    Maybe Rock doesn’t have anything in common with the other wrestlers backstage. Also If they don’t like the fact that he doesn’t talk to them, how about they talk to him. That speaking to people thing works both ways. It takes 2 people to talk. And if Rock was not talking to the fans, why is he still one of the most popular superstars? Apparently he is doing something right if the fans still like him. I still say they jealous that Rock is making movies now.

  • Masked Mamba

    My problem with these current WWE main eventers is that they think they are in the level of the Stone Colds and The Rock's of the world. Lets be honest, the only reason CM Punk is as big as he is, is because the rosters are very thin. The Rock did everything Punk and Cena's done in his 7 years there. Rock has the right to go pursuit another life besides wrestling. The Rock has nothing to prove. That simple.

  • kim

    Dwayne isn’t here to try to “bring back old wrestling”. He doesn’t care about changing anything about WWEs management. All he’s here for is to stir up the portion of the crowd who’s stupid enough to buy into his gimmick, and take home a good paycheque before he kicks it back to Hollywood.

  • kim

    But even I agree that the old WWE was much better than this. The thing is, it’s not Cena I’ve git a problem with – it’s managment. Rock’s the phony!

  • ceedot

    Actually, CM Punk, he said he wrestles for the fans, not for the guys backstage. So he doesn't say one thing and do the other, because he said that plain and clear.

  • bimo

    how about showing some respect to one of the few superstars(including hhh,hbk,scsa,kurt) who dragged back wwe as mainstream wrestling company beating the wcw, that eventually made cm punk a pipebomb that he is. but i am a cm punk fan, i didnt expect this from him

  • Nicola

    Well we all should know by now that wherever John Cena is the spot light is no far up his ass…take survivor series 2010 Randy Orton was wwe champion and he had a feud with wade barrett and wade had Cena as part of Nexus…The spot light along with all the hype was more on Cena than it was on Orton and his up coming match with barrett, and Orton was the champion.

    Cena has picked a fight with the Rock because the spot light he already has is not enough for him…he wants more, it won't belong before he will be acting like the Rock …CM Punk once said to cena's face that he has become the one thing he swore he would never become THE NEW YORK YANKEES !!! …well Punk did touch a raw nerve with Cena when he said this to him, because cena hit him.

  • XRD89X

    CM Punk is probably the best thing to happen to wrestling in the last decade but until he can leave and have people view wrestling as a whole differently once he’s gone he can’t say the rock doesn’t deserve every cheer AND dollar he gets, The Rock is a once in a lifetime star who brings more to any show he appears on than every other current star on the roster combined. He doesn’t need to go full time because he already did, and when he was doing it he was doing it ten times better than anyone the unfortunate kids of today have to watch try to be entertaining. The WWE should invest in some acting coaches because the ‘talent’ of today has turned me and many others off their product. I will be watching Mania for Rocky tho.

  • kim

    Dwayne’s not even a great actor. Sure, he’s alright but he’s certainly no Johnny Depp. Cena’s alright too, but his acting isn’t world class, neither is the Rocks. Dwayne can only hold his own in comical kids movies, he lacks so much expertise that his claim to being an “actor” is rather low. Never-the-less, he is good enough for the roles he lands I suppose. But both he and Cena should just stick to what they do best – WRESTLING. Cena can see that, Rocky missed the point. John Cena will not leave the wwe for Hollywood because he’s passionate about it. Rocky left us long ago.

  • Ronnie “D”

    All right, this Rock/Cena match business is really getting to me, seeing The Rock and John Cena go at it, it’s like see The Rock and Hulk Hogan go at it, but what Rock making the people booing at Cena, this the same way Hogan did to the Rock.

    And what Rock saying was right, The Rock and Dwayne Johnson is one person, but there is a difference, like what Cena said, there were two sides of him, The Rock was the People’s Champ and the best that the WWE have, but there was the Dwayne Johnson, Movie star, a guy that got in a tutu, and then starred in a football movie with the star from Cory in the house, no offense to Madison, but leaving to star in movies, I mean The Rundown it’s going to still be my favorite movie,but he left the WWE to go to Hollywood.

    I don’t know if he left because he wanted to be a movie star or left because he wanted to hide his shame because of an Ass-whooping by Goldberg at Backlash 2003 and then his defeat at the hands of Evolution at Wrestlemania XX, the truth is, after the big event will The Rock go back to the WWE as the People Champ, or go back to Hollywood and continue doing movies to make his pride go worse and make him feel like a Shotgun Pussy-Whipped Bitch.

    Right now, that’s all I got to say for now.


    I’m on both sides cause I respect The Rock and John Cena, and now I’m done.

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  • I dont think so, I think Wrestlemania will be so much better with it being there first match teohtger, so both go into the match even. also with The Rock not being an active wrestler its very unlikely that he will come back for anything before the Road to Wrestlemania starts up. Plus a match like that would need reason, and not just to be thrown teohtger, the 5 on each team would need a reason to be part of that team and theres no real obvious connection between anyone, especcially as both are faces so its harder to make a team who all have the same agenda