CM Punk Spoiling Paul Heyman's Return, The Miz Buried, Brock Lesnar's Status In WWE, The Departure Of The Bella Twins

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A lot of professional sports leagues have rules against Tweeting before and during games. After CM Punk spoiling Paul Heyman's return, do you think should WWE adopt this policy as well?

WWE has policies in place regarding Twitter and have held multiple meetings about the proper way to use their accounts. CM Punk was in "rare form" yesterday and decided to Tweet a photo of Paul Heyman backstage about ten minutes before he came out. Punk has a lot of leeway backstage in WWE so I doubt much will be made of it but he's one of the few that could get away with such a stunt without repercussions.

Do you feel The Miz looked weak when Brodus Clay went over him last night on Raw Supershow? Is Brodus in line for a title shot?

There are no immediate plans for Brodus Clay to work in the main event and his character is being treated as comedic relief. I didn't like the booking of Clay going over The Miz and feel it made Miz look weak. The Miz has had backstage heat but I don't know the specific reason why the company has significantly scaled back his push.

What's Brock Lesnar's status with WWE?

Brock Lesnar is still with WWE, everything said by Paul Heyman on last night's Raw Supershow was a work. As for Heyman coming in, I have more details available at this link. Some people I spoke with were surprised Heyman returned on WWE TV so soon but it was widely expected coming out of last week's TV tapings.

Why were The Bella Twins fired from WWE?

The Bella Twins were "fired" not fired as they allowed their WWE contracts to expire and chose not to re-sign with the company. WWE turned the real-life situation into an angle by having Eve "fire" them to explain their departure.

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  • Matt

    I thought The Miz was going to go over Clay. I was disappointed when it went the other way around. Just like Tensai going over Punk, wth is wwe thinking?

    • Dufus

      Hey wrestling is hit and miss and sometimes WWE misses and sometimes they hit. They go with what they think is good and sometimes it doesn't come out that way.

      • GODSENT68


    • Bigbdawg

      Agreed miz looked good the whole match until clay did the 5 moves of doom ( Brutus clay edition)

  • Bob

    But why were the Bellas"fired"?

    • LLL

      The storyline reason why they were fired is because Eve saw that their contracts were up that day. She was talking about budget cuts so she fired them to save money.

    • Tristeza

      Because they lost the title and then both got beaten in 12 seconds.
      Is the TV reason.

    • Jamie

      Because they didn't resign.

  • Jeremy

    I don't think that CM Punk spoilt the return of Paul Heyman. I did remember seeing the WWE FB page retweeting his page and when Brock Lesnar came back after Wrestlemania, the WWE twitter page tweeted about it 10 to 20 mins before he made his way to the ring as well. What's more, he did not reveal the content and in fact such tweets (10 mins before his appearance) can attract viewers to watch the show and see what has he got for us.

    • Bob

      tweeting 10 minutes before might have the same impact as WCW spoiling Foley winning the belt?

      • Jeremy

        Well like I said, he did not give away the content on why Paul Heyman was there for. The thing that WCW did was that they gave it away freely,

      • thatguy

        they didn't spoil foley winning the belt 10 mins before. They spoiled it an hour before raw even started. BIG difference and big difference in time.

        • Bob

          Im not saying its the samething Im saying same impact ie people who aren't watching might switch on their TV's…..

    • bruno

      You would defend cm punk if he kills your family

      • Jeremy

        nope, I'll defend you if he kills your family.
        (I'm a lawyer in training fyi)

  • Sean

    Brock Lesnar's not a superstar, he's an asskicker, I can't wait to see Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H at SummerSlam 🙂

    • bettysteve

      why? its all a work and VKM decides who is going to win. skill, star status, asskicker, got nothing to do with winning. *shrug*

      • Sean

        This is just my opinion, I don't care what you have to say or think.

  • Ken

    I don't follow Twitter, so I was genuinely surprised (and dismayed) to seen Paul Heyman again.

  • Thomas

    The whole thing with Twitter and WWE just kind of annoys me. I hate twitter and the fact that WWE and specifically cole is promoting it like all the time is kind of annoying. Unless they're getting a check for it, I don't see the point of it but that's just me.

    I'll be honest, seeing Paul Heyman walked down the ramp put a smile on my face. As a character, I think he's brilliant there are few that can compete with him on the mic, sides the way he says "Brock Lesnar" is pretty boss.

    As for the Miz…I feel kinda bad. With him being a former WWE champ, he actually seems like a decent guy outside. I guess he pissed someone off and now he's paying for it. Just like his former partner John Morrisson did. Curious to see how it plays out. Either way, loving Brodus Clay. Somebody call my mama!

    • bettysteve

      l agree with you about the whole twitt thing. the one that gets me is "love me on facebook" . or better yet..go to you tube for the latest wrestling "whatever" to find its not "allowed" in your 2nd world economy, (australia), country. so much for the world geting smaller, freedom of information (HA!!), etc.

  • Frenchfry

    Did everyone forget about the Truth/Miz incident in February where Miz almost seriously hurt Truth by not absorbing his fall? A lot of us assumed this might happen to Miz and here it is

    • Eddie

      Everyone blames Miz for not catching R Truth, but how about some blame to Truth for missing his spot so badly?

      • Matt Scort

        Truth didn't miss it. Go back and watch it. Miz moved.

  • ol skewl fan

    I gotta say as much as I do not care for the Jack Swagger character, at least he dosn't go around talking about the past all the time and how he was world champion maybe Miz can learn a thing or two from Swagger….Miz is turning into a one hit wonder, his character is not growing anymore and has become stagnant. I couldn't help but think while watching the match with Brodus thinking if Miz wins it will be an upset.

  • Rob

    That crowd was dead when Pauly came out, a wasted surprise…

    • Sam The Man.

      Worst crowd since Washington .

    • Ellen Brennan

      still beats having to listen to Lesnar! hope he donates his brain for study when he passes.

  • Soyars

    I noticed they've taken the Brock quiting work as far as removing him from the superstars profiles and making him a alumni on

  • Ricky Valdez

    I think the mizz has payed enough for his incident with R truth, its a huge mistake if they keep holding down a very good talent like the mizz down, the mizz has the mic skills and can actually hold his own vs anybody, they have to give him another chance to rise to the top, I was against it in the passed when he won the wwe title, but the guy did good, the wwe has to let him do what he does best, it will be good for the wwe.

  • Kevin

    I think I know why Vince allowed Paul Heyman to return to the WWE: He recognizes Paul's genius for the business, and is afraid that if he doesn't sign Paul to WWE, Paul may go to TNA. If Paul went to TNA, they would become a MAJOR contender for WWE's title of Best in the Business.