CM Punk Staying Busy, Recording Backup Vocals On Tuesday

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CM Punk is staying busy nearly two months after walking out on WWE. Fresh of a national television appearance on Talking Dead on Sunday, the former 434-day WWE Champion was in the recording studio with New York-based Hardcore band Madball on Tuesday.

An intentional dig at CM Punk was scripted in this week's episode of Monday Night Raw as Triple H told Daniel Bryan in the closing segment that "anybody else" would have folded a long time ago and took their ball and gone home. There continued to be a lot of CM Punk talk backstage at Monday's show in San Antonio.

Below is a photo of Punk laying backup vocals:

  • Bryan N.

    I get the feeling they’ll keep throwing digs in Hunter’s promos until Punk’s contract is up.

    • Bob’s Diner

      And after

      • John

        No doubt! Look what they did to Bret Hart after the Montreal incident.. WWE have no loyalty. They will stab you in the back before you even get your foot out of the door!

        • Bob’s Diner

          Yup, that’s why I keep telling people there must be more to this than anyone knows – if he had just thrown a tantrum and walked out, HHH and Vince would have been burying him on TV from day one. Everyone knows HHH and Vince are petty, insecure men that will do what they can to make themselves look like victims – but nothing of the sort has happened. HHH will just keep making thinly veiled jabs like that until he gets bored or is annoyed by someone else on the roster

          • Guest

            Well, the report stated weeks ago that Vince wanted him back, and wanted to do what it takes…because he really likes Punk. The same report said that HHH feels indifferent because he feels that Punk is ungrateful….so expect more digs like this.

            Im more on the HHH side, feeling that Punk is a little ungrateful.

          • Bob’s Diner

            Yup exactly it – Vince still wants him to come back. Again, kind of tells you there is more to it than we know.

            HHH thinks everyone is ungrateful

  • Mike

    It’s a shame really because I’m a massive fan of both Triple H and CM Punk

  • Matt

    I just wish he would use his Twitter. I still think this is all a work because he hasn’t been on Twitter. I know it’s not much to go, though.

    • Mysterion

      Get over that idea. If he isn’t back yet, with the mania card as weak as it is, he’s not coming back. You need to understand he walked out on you. Stop wanting him back.

      • Steve pritchard

        I would love to seem at mania. But if dude is happy being out of the ring for a while . Then more power to him . I think there’s more to the story than him just walking out. He may just need some time away from what’s frustrating him . And I don’t see that as bad thing , considering that he or someone he’s working with could be seriously hurt. If his mind is not in the right place. I just think people shouldn’t rush judgement on him . I admit I was guilty as well . But after seeing how happy and and well rested he was compared to the last time I saw him. I think he just needed time away from the business.

    • Rus

      I hope Punk sticks to his guns and never comes back and at the end of his contract he goes on twitter and explains to the world his side of the story………. If he came back now it would mean that WWE wins and all of this was for nothing. I take my hat off to Punk for standing up for what he believes but if he came back it would just seem weak. I hope we never see him in a WWE ring again

      • Steve pritchard

        I think he just needed some time away from the business for a while. He looked very happy and laid back on talking dead. Before he walked out you could kinda tell he wasn’t happy. And it is very frustrating to work when something’s bothering you. Especially when you or the person you’re working with could be seriously injured if your head is not in the right place. So I think extended time out of the spotlight could benefit both punk and wwe.

  • Steve pritchard

    After seeing punk on talking dead. I think it was a great decision to just step out of the spotlight for awhile. He looked very happy and relaxed . I could tell a difference in him from the last time I seen him on raw before the rumble. Before rumble he just seemed out of it . As if he was burnt out like he said. I admit at first I thought it was childish. But dude may have just needed a break from the ring. I think he will be back sooner or later. But right now he’s just living his life and not giving a shit what people think about . I think that might be what he needs for a while.