CM Punk Still Relevant?, Plans For Austin, Ryback Disappointment, Sheamus At Wrestlemania

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Is CM Punk still relevant after losing the WWE Championship?

CM Punk is still perceived as the top heel in WWE but he's been victimized by hot shot booking. Under twice to The Rock, John Cena and with a potential Wrestlemania program with Undertaker looming, Punk is racking up the losses after a 434-day title reign. This was mentioned to Vince McMahon on Monday and we're told he looked "puzzled."

Whatever happened to CM Punk vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin at Wrestlemania 29?

WWE wasn't able to come to terms with Steve Austin for him to return to the ring. Whether it was due to Austin's health or lack of desire to take a backseat to The Rock and Brock Lesnar, it just didn't get done. Austin has said he could work again if he wanted to so it looks like something that is going to come down to money. As for Punk, it looks as though he'll challenge Undertaker for "the streak" at Wrestlemania 29 and we should find out the direction on next week's Raw.

Why is there disappointment with Ryback considering the way he has been booked so far?

The disappointment in Ryback is due to his in-ring work. While improving, the feeling from many in WWE is he is still sloppy and somewhat reckless. The company is pleased with how he's gotten over but I continue to hear of negative marks regarding the work in his matches.

What are the Wrestlemania plans for Sheamus?

Sheamus is currently in two programs - one with Wade Barrett and another with The Shield. If I had to guess, I would say Sheamus will team with Randy Orton and maybe Ryback to continue feuding with The Shield [at Wrestlemania 29] but this is nearly identical to the match at Elimination Chamber. We'll see how it plays out as it seems WWE isn't sure on the direction which is why he also has a program with Barrett.

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  • chris

    from the results on this weeks smackdown *SPOILER ALERT*….


    then wouldn’t it be possible for the shield to team with barrett to take on Shamus, Orton, Ryback and Big Show? with Big Show walking out and costing his team the match?

    • sir-rusty82

      Why the hell would you put a spoiler on this page people who want to read the spoilers would click on the link to read it if you had any decency for eeryone else you should delete your comment or if you dont the admin for this page should

      • chris

        If the admin want to remove my comment then they can. I have no problem with that and If I have done something wrong then I apologize.
        But I am sharing my opinion and without the spoiler, my opinion would not make sense.

  • Benjamin

    I’d much rather see Sheamus vs. Wade for the Interconinental Title at WrestleMania.

    • StraightUpKnives

      Me too. Two guys from Europe to prove whose country is better? That would be a good storyline. That would sure being more prestige to the IC title.

      • Guessing you forgot about Cesaro and Miz..

        • Matt

          What the hell has Miz got to do with Europe?

      • Cfmsu93

        Not just two guys from Europe, this would be England vs Ireland. Two countries who’ve hated each other for centuries. A storyline just waiting to happen.

        • Xavier

          Lol I was thinking the same thing with England/Ireland.

        • Adam

          England and Ireland don’t hate eachover! I like Ireland a lot and I’m English

          • Ed

            I’m Irish and I agree with Adam, some of my best mates are English, American, French…do you get my point?!? history is best left in the past, don’t try make a wwe storyline out of it…it’ll end in tears and bad ratings

        • Chopper

          Everyone hates England!!

    • B-Swagg

      It would be a good match but i think it would be a downgrade for Sheamus to compete for the IC title knowing that he is former WH champion, a confirmed main eventer, the first man to kick out of the WMD and arguably the face of SD.

  • sir-rusty82

    So there not utilizing Punk anymore just like in his documentary they give him the ball then take it away from him, instead of him losing 4 matches in a row they should make the WWE champion match at wrestle mania a triple threat. Or do a tag team match with Taker and HHH vs Brock and Punk WWE better not drop the ball with Punk AGAIN

    • 1. Undertaker shouldn’t be a in a tag match.
      2. If it as a triple threat match it would make Cena’s win at Royal Rumble pointless. Punk is just unlucky to be on the underside of a main event build for Wrestlemania. I’d rather put Punk in a tag match the RAW before Wrestlemania possibly against sheamus and ryback

      • sir-rusty82

        Undertaker is old and the last 2 Manias he just lacks in everything he does so for that he should def be in a tag match or retire, Punk should win but pinning HHH to keep up with the push he deserves. Who cares about Royal Rumble Punk held the title for 434 days he deserves to be in the main event of Wrestle Mania, thats my opinion and also in my opinion CENA SUCKS!!!!!!

        • Don

          Lacks in everything he does? It was a hell in the cell so the man wouldn’t be able to do a vault over the ropes, what are you watching (or smoking)? You are one lost person who has NO clue what he is talking about.

          • sir-rusty82

            I love this web site you people are easier to get angry than my wife and kids. We all have a right to our opinion thats why we can do this chat. Dont feed me excuses about were Taker is wrestling we all know he USE to be able to put on the best matches ever seen in the Hell in a cell matches and yes I smoke right before wrestling whats the problem with that so does Jack Swagger so whats your point lol

      • They could always use the HBK set-up to force the Triple Threat, which was have a contract signing, then Punk comes out and lays everyone out and signs the contract. This way, Cena’s win still has validity (Benoit was the Rumble winner in the HBK incident) and it gives us a great 5 star match.

        • Cfmsu93

          Also at Wrestlemania 24 Cena was the royal rumble winner and fought Orton and HHH in a triple threat for the title.

          • Xavier

            Shoe horning HHH into that Cena/Orton feud at Mania was one of the worst booking decisions that McMahon ever made. HHH should of been nowhere near Cena/Orton that year.

          • soulfool

            What SIL wants , SIL gets !!! Backstage Politic’s , Grandstanding , Who’s Who…remember ?!?

          • Cena cashed in his title opportunity early that year so it’s not really the same situation.

      • Cena never should have won in the first place. Punk was right when he said Cena has ALWAYS taken the easy way out. I mean, isn’t this the second time that Mr. “Hustle, Loyalty & Respect” comes into the Rumble at #25 or below? And, somehow, “wins” the Royal Rumble? Guess we should’ve called it the Royal Hustle, right?

        • Cena won the Royal Rumble in 08 and was at the #30 position

          • B-Swagg

            By #25 or below he meant #25 to #30.

  • sir-rusty82

    Thank you admin for removing the comments about the spoilers for smackdown

  • tomcatjerrymouse

    I could just see the main events at WM 30

    Steve Austin/CM Punk
    The Rock/Brock Lensar
    The Undertaker/John Cena

    And the other 40 something year old (Triple H) being involved too.

    • Xavier

      Read my mind. Those are 3 matches I’d love too see at WM30. Although I’m sure WM29 will be good, I don’t think it will be nearly as good as everybody hoped. With a Austin/Punk match off the table and a potential Taker/Lesnar match not happening b/c of HHH we are having too settle for Plan B. hopefully the three matches you mention all happen next year. That would be epic. The only question with that would be who closes the show?

      • tomcatjerrymouse

        Actually my comment is more of a complaint. They’re matches I’m sure will see next year with the way the WWE books WM anymore. They may sound good on paper but I’m against the WWE always relying on past stars to come in headline WM instead of giving the current stars their chance.

        • B-Swagg

          Agreed, where do the young guns and the future of WWE fit in to the WM plans. Ziggler, Cesaro, Rhodes, Sandow, Kingston, Bryan, Kidd, Gabriel. Alot of these guys don’t even have any builds heading into this years WM.

  • Dunstan

    I don’t really see a problem with the way CM Punk has been booked. He went under to the Rock which is not surprising. I feel the loss to Cena really helped to show that Punk is hard to keep down, which would be an important factor in a WM match with Taker.

  • The Breaker

    I don’t know if people will buy Punk even having a shot at taking out ‘The Streak’ after losing to The Rock twice and then to Cena at RAW. The match itself would probably be nothing short of amazing, but the setup is really lacking and that sort of crushes some of the anticipation this pairing could bring. This makes me still hope that Punk will somehow weasel his way into the WWE Title match, making it a Triple Threat. I know it’s less likely to happen because Taker appeared over the weekend, but I just think that Rock, Cena, and Punk could give us a fresh and exciting main event. And honestly, who doesn’t want to see more of Cena and Punk in the ring together after the main event on RAW? They have a chance at topping their performance on Monday at WM with those three, but the chances of that happening with Rock/Cena II: “Greatness vs Redemption” is far less likely.

  • Xavier

    Punk is still very relevant, that goes without saying, he had a epic year in 2012 and beat everybody that was put in front of him and had a ton of very good matches and some great ones. Major props too Punk. I don’t think going under to Rock & Cena this year makes him look weak at all. In glad they didn’t shoe horn him into the Cena/Rock program though. Cena/Rock is a feud that writes itself, Punk being in that would of seem forced, and triple threats tend too be overrated. Taker/Punk is a much better option for Punk and it freshens things up in the title scene for a bit.

    As far as Ryback goes, McMahon pushed him to the main event scene way too soon, and although it worked in getting Ryback super over he’s proved that he’s not quite ready too handle being the man or getting a push of that proportion all things considers when you look at all the bickering he’s doing backstage. I’m glad they’ve scaled it back a bit with him, spend some time in the upper mid card and hon the in ring skills a bit then call Ryback up to the main event again in the summer/fall.

    It would be nice too see Sheamus move away from the Shield stuff. A six man tag match at Mania looks very identical to the six man tag match we got at EC. In in favor of Sheamus/Barrett even though the storyline involving Sheamus mocking Barrett’s acting isn’t all that interesting but an actual one on one match between the two would be solid.

    • coolkd1

      Agree. They should have big show, orton amd possibly jericho against the shield and as for ryback he could face henry.

  • jdl

    Sloppy and somewhat reckless? I only saw a couple of minutes of his match with Ziggler on Raw before I got bored and changed the channel and I was worried he was going to injure Ziggler.

  • alex

    They are probably trying to make sheamus a triple crown champ

  • Mac

    Thank you for answering my question Richard. I was really hoping to see Punk-Austin. Maybe next year in New Orleans and I’ll be there to see it.

  • You can’t win all the time, Punks run was amazing and during that time Cena put him over plenty. Punk was just repaying the favour on Raw and allowed Cena a little momentum going into wrestlemaina.

  • Loren Goldstein

    People complain about 3-3 tag matches with the Shield, well what else to expect them to do with a three-man faction? Put each one in a singles match?

  • TPTB need to make up their minds about Sheanus and the Barrett Barrage. I’d rather see Barrett defend the IC title against Bo Dallas, the kid from NXT. If they can’t find anything for the Celtic Bore, maybe he should change things up a bit instead of being Cena 3.0.

    • Gio

      I agree completely, because I feel they brought Bo to embarrass Wade then send him back to NXT, like if we never saw him.

  • Could have taker to return for Mark Henry for Mania, and throw punk in the wwe title match….

  • “This was mentioned to Vince McMahon on Monday and we’re told he looked puzzled.”

    I’m not surprised at McMahon’s reaction, apparently the people talking to him have already forgotten that Punk has won big matches against Jericho & Ryback recently.

  • soulfool

    Punk is a girly-man !!! Never cared for him that much , cept’ maybe when He first debutted in WWECW in 2006-07 !!! WWE pushed him like He was the shit-factor , and He is just NOT believeable !!! Best in the World ??? ROTFGL…end of the line , Philly-Willy !!! He is just another ass-sucking McMahon-Triple H beotch like Cena , Jericho , and all the others !!!

    • Jericho and Punk are two of the best wrestlers in WWE today along with Daniel Bryan. How can he not be believable? He was champion for 400+ days!!!

  • soulfool

    Then there Brock “The Crock”…another waste of money and time all rolled into one return !!! PW really needs to un-fu&% itself and re-route it’s direction , cause like My Man Jimmy Cornette said and it’s not as difficult to fathom as one thinks “PW is becoming OLD HAT” !!!

    • Ace Vivid

      Dude, shut up!!!

  • The Rock

    Wrestlemania 29 is going to suck. Cena vs The Rock is a foregone conclusion – Cena’s going to bury the greatest superstar of all time with the 5 Moves of Doom, all because WWE wants the belt on their Golden Boy again. Triple H will book himself to pin Brock Lesnar and have his triumphant Wrestlemania moment (for the 17th time).

    Once again, there’s no story development in the mid card, and they’ll probably just throw a bunch of guys in a 12-man tag match like last year. I can see it now:

    Team Booker (Kofi Kingston, R-Truth, Justin Gabriel, Brodus Clay, Tensai, Khali) vs Team Vickie (Dolph Ziggler, Big E Langston, Damien Sandow, Cody Rhodes, Hunico, David Otunga)

    Otunga pins everybody because he has a movie coming out and WWE creative is obsessed with pushing oily musclemen with no wrestling skill or charisma.