CM Punk Surprises Tom Dotterer, The Elderly Man Shot In Eye During Robbery

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Tom Dotterer, the elderly wrestling fan who was shot in the eye during a robbery, got a surprise on The Abe Kanan Show when the host announced that CM Punk was on the air as well. Dotterer and Punk spoke and Punk said that he would hook Dotterer up with good seats next time WWE comes to his town. The segment is embedded below:

  • 1molly23

    Good for you CM! What a nice thing for you to do. That’s why you are respected!

  • Wow what a story and what an inspirational man!!!

  • That’s actually very cool. Things like this are what people need to see about CM Punk because clearly the line between reality and kayfabe has been blurred with him.

    • thefen

      That is because he is that good at his job.

  • Cool

  • -|AZ|-

    From now on, I’m officially a CM Punk guy!!!