CM Punk The Biggest Star In WWE?, Splitting Awesome Truth, Mark Henry As Champion, Mysterio's Return

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Is CM Punk the biggest star in WWE besides The Rock?

CM Punk is finally established as a main event name but he's still viewed behind John Cena and Randy Orton. I realize a lot of people are sick and tired of the Cena character but that's still the way it is. The Rock is more popular than he's ever been; the problem is he's not back full-time.

Why did they split Awesome Truth up last night? Surely if the tag division is being rebuilt, it makes sense to have long lasting stables? No program can come from it either if they are both heels? I feel like this will only harm their chances of returning to individual, over heels. What are your thoughts?

The split was done because R-Truth's suspension. There were plans going into the weekend for the team of Awesome Truth to extend past Survivor Series so obviously they fell victim to a Raw re-write that happened either after Survivor Series or yesterday afternoon.

Why is Mark Henry still champion? Shouldn't Big Show have went over at Survivor Series?

I am 100% against the outcomes of the past two pay-per-view matches between Big Show and Mark Henry. Given the monster push Mark Henry has received and the people he has "injured" off television, it's too early to take the title off him. We can debate whether or not Mark Henry should have been given this type of push but that doesn't change the fact he got the push. WWE has to be very careful how they book Henry going forward or else they risk devaluing big names on the roster.

When is Rey Mysterio returning to the ring?

The last I heard Rey Mysterio is still targeting Wrestlemania XXVIII as his return from knee surgery.

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  • A.E.

    Cm Punk is the biggest star in all of WWE right now currently (as of right now). He is the hottest Superstar since Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock. Cm Punk is the new face of the WWE and he's really on fire rigth now. He's in a great position rigth now, and he's making WWE more interesting than it has been in years. John Cena time is up, and the WWE, John Cena, and his few fans refuse to face facts that, no one cares about him anymore. Cena is completely irrelevant and, it's time for him and all of his supporters to get over themselves and don't the ego get in the way of someone else's success. Cm Punk is the catalyst of change and we have the right man as the new face of the WWE. It's a whole new time and era now, an "Entertainment Era" (as like to call it).