CM Punk The Face Of WWE, Fandango, Feed Me More, AJ Styles’ Return

Given how over CM Punk is right now, do you see him surpassing John Cena as the face of the company in the near future?

This is something I talked about extensively in the YouTube video I posted on Thursday. I don't know if Punk can surpass John Cena as the face of WWE. If anyone can, he can. This is why I've made a strong argument for Punk to beat The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 29 and end the streak. Punk is clearly ahead of any other full-time talent on the WWE roster, however, a loss to Undertaker does nothing to advance his cause, if not detracting from it. The thing I won't like about it is Punk had the WWE title for 434-days yet does consecutive jobs to The Rock, one to John Cena and even went under to Kane on Raw. Why is WWE trying to kill a guy capable of carrying the company? Punk over Undertaker needs to happen but I would be surprised if it does.

Are you as bored with Fandango character as everyone else? So boring and irritating.

WWE is trying to irritate people with Fandango, so if you're irritated, they've accomplished their goal. I've joked with readers on Facebook and Twitter about people "never getting his name right" so we don't have to endure the gimmick but the truth is we haven't seem much of a sample to give it a fair assessment. I find it peculiar the company pushes the gimmick in vignettes, takes them off, puts them back on then does what they are doing now with him "refusing to debut." It seems to highlight the indecision that goes on behind-the-scenes. Fandango is set to work The Great Khali on Smackdown, will he debut? Taping results are online at this link.

With the response the Chicago fans had chanting "feed me more" during Rob Terry's match on this week's Impact does this show how popular Ryback is and backs up his claim to deserve a heavyweight title run?

I'll start by saying I noticed the "feed me more" chants from the Chicago crowd during Rob Terry's match against Robbie E as well. My first reaction was, well we know the majority of fans are WWE fans. Ryback is over, despite being booked questionably, he is over. He wanted to challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania but the push went to Jack Swagger. I heard he wasn't happy about it and was pushing for a heel turn. One thing is clear, Ryback thinks he has what it takes to be "the guy" and wants an opportunity to prove it. I don't know if you saw his comments here but he doesn't think anyone has challenged John Cena for the top spot in WWE in the past decade. He also feels he has more to offer than Bill Goldberg. Ryback has the look and he is over but it will ultimately be up to Vince McMahon as to how far he'll go.

Do you see AJ Styles joining the Aces & 8's or possibly being revealed as the leader of Aces and Eights?

Mark Freeman wrote a cool piece here on that said if TNA plans to put AJ Styles in Aces and Eights, they made it look a little obvious on Thursday with the leather jacket. I don't know the creative direction of AJ Styles but as I stated earlier this week, I don't think the faction has been "solved" with Bully Ray. I am glad to see AJ back on television as Ken stated in TNA Blog Zone but it looks like a program with James Storm is imminent.

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  • sir-rusty82

    Richard how can a heel be the face of the company??? Cena is the face of the company because he is a fan favorite, not saying Punk isnt but the fact is aheels job is to upset the crowd

    • PFElton

      The same way Ric Flair was the face of WCW for 10 years as a heel.

      • Connor

        Or how Triple H was the face of the company after Rock and Austin left for 2/3years.

    • Snap

      The “face of the company” would be the top draw for the company, regardless of whether they are a heel or face.

  • Michael

    Ryback is clearly different from Goldberg. I think he deserved the title shot over Swagger I would’ve been upset as well to put in all this work in the last few months only for a guy who lost to me in his last match on Raw before leaving for six months to return and get the shot. Styles looks like a older Justin Bieber lol however Tna should’ve saved him until the end to make the big return by clearing aces and eights off the Tna roster.

  • The Ignored Monster

    I just checked ticketmaster, and Wrestlemania is sold out. I know they will open more seats when they configure the setup of the arena, but for the past few wrestlemanias you could still get tickets up to the show. Like Richard said before this has the potential to be the biggest wrestlemania of all time, I just hope the actual show will live up to the potential.

    • BlazeKing

      Check ebay and you will see why the tickets are sold out. Ticketmaster needs to do something about ticket scalping. The tickets are paid for but the asking price is jacked up on ebay for most of them. Those are the seats that will end up being empty when you go to WM. Last event I went to was “sold out” but there was a whole row of empty seats below me!

  • Chris

    I am really enjoying the Fandango gimmick despite all the hate directed towards it. It is a nice spin on a Superstar vs announcer gimmick they have done in the past.

    As for AJ, last week we learned he had a motorcycle, this week he is wearing a leather jacket … I feel TNA is trying too hard to make it look like he is part of A&8s to set up some swerve down the road.

  • James

    for gods sake, please cut your crap of cm punk over undertaker.. why is it that every reference of yours about cm punk always end up with the same streak thing? we all get it u r obsessed with punk. but the fact remains, wwe will still have taker go over punk coz they aren’t stupid enough to ruin taker’s legacy.

    • Adam

      Wow James…

      1st: If you’re gonna talk trash, at least learn how to write. You sound completely ignorant just based off your spelling and grammar alone.

      2nd: Punk going over Taker at WM29 has the possibility to be the biggest moment in the history of the WWE. And since WM29 is only a few weeks away, of course it has to be brought up all the time between now and then. I don’t necessarily agree that Richard is right in that the streak needs to end, but the argument he presents is at least strong enough to have a conversation about.

    • Terra Ryzing

      I like how people get all butt hurt about Richard wanting Punk to go over at ‘Mania. People have the right to change their minds and people have the right to their own opinion. This is hot news from here to Wrestlemania so if you don’t like what the OWNER of the website has to say, then maybe don’t read anything about the streak til after Wrestlemania.

    • cobra

      Why would he cut out the CM Punk over Undertaker thing. This is his site and he wants people to come visit it. And the thing that people seem most interested in right now is, Should CM Punk defeat the Undertaker? So he’s doing it to get more traffic to his site.

      • Dangerous Lee

        That’s right. Controversy creates cash… Richard’s pocket.

        • Earl

          Nothing cuzz, da spoilerz n dem resultz keepz da fam on dis site.

    • Ron UK

      Some wrestlers are very good at ruining there own legacy…(flair). Tell me what does the WWE gain by allowing undertaker to retire undefeated? You do realise he’s only undefeated because at some point ‘the streak’ came into play. He could have lost at any point until ‘the streak’ was formulated. Not allowing someone to end the streak to me is a bad a decision as is never turning Cena heel. Both would be huge events in wrestling.

    • Smexy “JAY” Shuffle

      If Undertaker does beat Punk and is undefeated……I Will be the 1st to laugh at Richards prediction. But if it goes the over way and Punk wins then more fool me but we all know how the WWE rolls right?

      • Earl

        Nothing cuzz, dere be disqualification when dat bin monster kane get dere and den noone win.

  • Winnipeg

    When’s Ryback gonna get pyro?

    • JJ

      He’s got pyro, we just never see it.

      • BlazeKing

        It’s just a pyro sound. There’s no actual pyro going off.

    • Adam

      Ryback ate the pyro backstage before his entrance. They shouldn’t have fed him more…

      • Earl

        Nothing cuzz, bin man dun eat fire he eat dat one meat dere but he dun cook it in da fire.

    • BlazeKing

      Never. Ryan Reeves does not like pyro going off near him. After what happened with Taker being enveloped in flames one year, that cemented Ryback’s call for no pyro.

  • FrankieO

    I’d actually like to see one of the writers/Bloggers on this site do a top 10 wrestling cities list. Seems like every time a promotion roles through Chicago, Philly etc that the crowds are always hot, educated and don’t just sit on their hands for 2-3 hours. So I’m not talking a list of cities based purely on attendance but on overall fan interaction, etc

    • Steve Scott-Moore

      1. Chicago
      2. New York
      3. London

      • hgkgbkhg

        Nothing cuzz, straya all da way

    • Max A.

      No crowd in the World compares to the Windy City crowd, they’re on a list of their own. I wonder what WWE will do when WrestleMania is due back to Chicago right around WM 32/33 in 3 or 4 years. Soldier Field? Wrigley Field? U.S Cellular Field? That is when CM Punk’s last match ever should take place.

      • opie

        Atlanta has always been pretty hot.

  • vfrezz

    I think aj styles is going 2 be the savior of tna against ace & eights just like sting was to the savior of wcw against the nwo

  • Mark

    well i guess everyone has there opinion on things, i for one think taker should end undefeated. Why should taker’s legacy be sacrificed for the sake of cm punk? I think the main problem if cm punk wins is the booking after, does that mean punk should never lose at wrestlemanina again? how much more title reigns is going to have, is even going to power on to be the face of the company after that. too many risks in ending the streak. I say punk already has a legacy under his belt, 434 days as champ. why does he need another? Also you say it won’t hurt taker but is that really how you feel about it, cause that 20-1 is stain on taker’s career and i don’t see how wwe will sell a 20-1 even after taker retire. There’s more money in keeping the streak than ending it which is why anyone’s dream of seeing taker lose is long from reality.

    one thing though is punk losing streak, i won’t read too much into it, most heels tend to lose a lot after their title run. Look it as a test, if these few losses dropped cm punk that much then he probably isn’t worth pushing so hard. example… ryback, hasn’t won a ppv yet but still so over, more over than those who have been winning. Orton, basically a mid carder now because of wellness strikes and is more over than cm punk himself and he hasn’t won a meaningful match in months. I believe cm punk will be fine, win or lose at wrestlemania, all he needs to do is make the match on the same lvl of the past 4 taker matches.

  • Adam “SwipeManMcNasty”

    Ok. Ive been kind of obsessing on this AJ Styles/Aces and Eights thing since we saw that clip of him with the biker.
    My thing is, Ive noticed little differences that lead to my own conclusion.
    Namely, AJ rides a crotch rocket, not a cruiser. Also, A&8s seem to have a uniform of vests, he wore a full leather jacket. And, I dont believe the biker he was talking to last week had on A&E cuts, more color and a different design.

    Idk, but I feel like he’ll have his own rival club. Is this crazy?

    • My feeling all along was that maybe the ‘brains’ behind Aces was Jarrett,trying to get his company back and I felt A.J would be his right hand man, however we now have Bully as the president. The thing is why a biker gang? Bully and Devon have never had that gimmick, and going back to the mid 90’s when the first Nation of Domination split and formed separate factions, D.Lo stayed with the Nation instead of joining D.O.A (also how much does D.O.C remind anyone of Skull and 8 Ball) so he also makes no sense.Showing A.J as a biker to then lead out Aces with Jarrett and Bully and turn his back on TNA makes sense in my eyes. However knowing wrestling, it is more than likely a swerve, no one ever wants to do the logical/obvious route

      • Adam “SwipeManMcNasty”

        Ok, so, I get the idea of “its not their gimmick” but is “Bully Ray” also “Buh Buh Ray Dudley” or “Devon” “D-Von Dudley”? No, Even just in TNA, their characters from right before A&8s were much different than their “Brother Soandso” gimmick from years ago. Characters change and evolve. You know? And whens the last time we saw a DLo gimmick?
        Biker clubs are made of all different types of people. Doctors, lawyers, cops, veterans, and thugs can all be in MCs, so to say “Why would they be in a club?” doesnt really make sense to me.
        An MC is a believable/realistic faction.

        Also, Ive been thinking that about D.O.C. for awhile, too. lol.

        (I am in no way arguing with you or your opinion, just discussing. Please dont take an offensive tone from my reply, that tends to happen on here sometimes.)

        • you wont get an offensive tone from me no problem on that, I’m enjoying the debate. I agree, that gimmicks can change and a lot of the time there is no background to the new gimmicks. Its just using big names that casual fans will instantly recognise but in an alien gimmick doesn’t make as much sense as having someone like A.J been shown as a biker for him then to lead Aces. Him and Jarrett (in my scenario) could of recruited people into the bike gang. The main point behind my thoughts on this is that A.j should be in Aces, based on how his story lines have run parallel with the A&8’s – As the Aces and 8’s first came on the scene, A.J was having his personal life dragged out on screen, then he lost his future title shots for a year, then he lost Daniels – it makes sense for him to be pissed at TNA, after all he is supposed to be the face of the company and they have ‘turned’ their back on him. However with this weeks impact showing A.J with a bike then his appearance on impact looking like a biker, it seems too obvious for them to do that now.

          Regarding the jacket issue – if you remember Knux and D-Lo before they were unmasked, both of them wore leather jackets instead of wastecoats so he could still be ‘wearing uniform’

        • Earl

          Nothing cuzz, u bin disrespect by bruhhbruhh now u answer dat to me budda i bin tell u go one on one wit me outside but u mob dun scared or what

          • Adam “SwipeManMcNasty”

            Ummm, do what now?

  • I can pretty much guarantee Khali isn’t going to pronounce Fandango’s name right.

  • Nick

    has anyone else noticed undertaker hasnt said 1 word since returning? NOT ONE. when he returned in buffalo the gong went off everyone went crazy , cut to a commercial, he walked back. same story every week since. awesome build.

  • tomcatjerrymouse

    The WWE doesn’t want CM Punk to be the number 1 guy. It’s always gonna be John Cena. They made it obvious during Punk’s title reign when John Cena main eventing every ppv.

    • Earl

      Nothing cuzz, coz dat bin cena man dun lost ebery fight at dem big ppv fights

  • Me

    CM Punk is not capable of carrying WWE his chance was during the 400+ days run.He doesn’t havethe type of character WWE likes for the number one guy.Even if Cena wasn’t around he still wouldn’t be.CM Punk is exactly were he is supposed to be.