CM Punk The Face Of WWE?, Vince's Creative Meeting With Heyman, WWE's Shot At UFC, How Ryback Got Over

Do you think CM Punk assaulting the fan proves he doesn't have what it takes to be the face of the company?

CM Punk isn't the face of the company, that role still belongs to John Cena. While Punk is clearly "option 1B," no one is going to look at Punk as bigger than Cena. I'm not saying I enjoy Cena's character over Punk's either because as a 27-year-old, I prefer the former but in terms of standing amongst the WWE office, Cena is their guy. As for the incident doing any damage to Punk's influence and overall position in the company, read this article on Richard's Backstage Blog.

Given the creative team changes in WWE what is the latest on Vince McMahon and Paul Heyman meeting?

As we reported exclusively here on Premium, Vince McMahon met with Paul Heyman last week to discuss WWE creative ideas. A spot on the creative team was not offered to Heyman but Vince did speak with him after the ratings debacle. Creative changes took place and we are still awaiting full details on how everything was put back together.

With WWE promoting the fact Smackdown had three times more viewers than UFC's Ultimate Fighter, do you think Vince McMahon is trying to start another war or just toot his own horn?

The "Did You Know?" fact was a shot at UFC as part of an ongoing set of ribs from Vince McMahon to Dana White. Why you may ask? I covered that in detail here on Richard's Backstage Blog. In short, until Dana stands up to Vince, it's not going to stop.

What do you feel is the biggest reason Ryback has gotten over?

Ryback has persevered through turmoil and is on the brink of becoming a viable main event worker. I'll be the first to admit I thought the gimmick was doomed for failure but Ryback continued to shrug off adversity and do the only thing he can control which is play his character. He was over like rover on this week's Raw and is taking advantage of a rare opportunity by having Vince McMahon support him. The message I felt Vince sent to the locker room on this week's show was "step up" or "step out" and I feel Ryback has "stepped up" when everyone including the fans and his co-workers doubted him.

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  • mjledesma

    Feed him smores

    • Bault16

      Old news

  • Cheddar

    If "over like rover" mean you have to have piped in crowd chants and the cameramen shaking the camera to make it look like people like you because no one really cares about you, then I'd have to agree.

    Ryback sucks. He couldn't even pick up Jack Thwagger a few months ago. Just another example that shows brown nosing pays off over natural talent or hard work.

    • Richard Gray

      No no I agree. They did pipe in chants for him before but he was over on Monday. Things are changing for him. I understand some people don't like it but to assume that he wasn't over on Raw would be naive.

      • Pluto

        I disagree with you somewhat Richard on Ryback. I wouldn’t be so quick too say Ryback is a viable main eventer just yet until he proves he can “STAY OVER” and proved that he can work longer then 5 minute squash matches which he hasn’t yet. McMahon gave him a great rub on Monday no doubt about it but at some point you have too ask if he’ll be able too sustain the pops from the crowd and ask if he’s more then just the flavor of the month. Remember when Steiner or Kozlov first came into the WWE, they were pretty over and got pushed into the main event and flopped big time and ended up in the midcard shortly after that, could end up happening too Ryback if they are not careful with how they handle his push. Let’s reserve judgement

      • Etbluffer

        If you look at the crowd on Monday, you can clearly tell he was over and nothing was piped in. They had the perfect arena and crowd for their main event angle! Hopefully it continues…

      • Demarri

        At Raw in Sacramento The crowd was ALL FOR Ryback. The chants were loud the Signs were A LOT. We even had a 4 person sign there that said FEED ME MORE. He is VERY over right now. The hottest thing right now along with Daniel Bryan and Kane. Rybacks chants were the loudest of the night, Even more than Sheamus

    • ashley

      fun fact, the camera man doesn't do the shaking when he is in sacramento, it's actually the arena. power balance is so old that when the fans all stomp their feet it shakes the camera. it happened many times throughout the night. i saw some ryback shirts and the amount of people i saw shaking their hands up and down for him during feed me more was ridiculous. when he came out to save vince the arena exploded.

  • Rayner Chee-bai

    Not to say that Ryback sucks, but he’s very over because WWE keep pushing him down our throat. Now who’s with me?

    • Bault16

      No one

    • Howard Stern


  • Nick

    As a Paul Heyman guy id like to say that Not putting Paul Heyman in the creative team is stupid! He wrote the entire storylines for WWE 13 (Atttude era and Universe mode) and got race reviews! Heyman was creating compelling television before there was even an attitude era or Monday night wars! Vince has an ego the size of the world and if he doesn’t check that at the door, the ratings are gonna continue to suffer! Thank goodness, Heyman is around to at least give his input! If I was a billionaire I would hire Heyman and bring back the original ECW!

    • Herman Tank

      Yes, because ECW was SO successful. ECW had it's chances but not enough people cared. Just like the attitude era, ECW is dead. Someone should send Heyman the message that bragging about failing is something reserved for Eric Bischoff and eventually TNA.

  • Bill G

    Ryback is being pushed simply because Vinny Mac WANTS him to be….Vinny Mac has had a major hard-on for him since the beginning and that's why Ryback was hand-picked to be HIS new Main Event guy. Is he deserving? I'd say no, but that's just my opinion…simply because there have been guys who have been working harder and longer than he has in the likes of Ziggler and Kofi to name a few. Is he ready to be in the Main Event spot? I have my doubts, but we will see.

    • HATER

      Kofi Is Boring

      • Evon Reese

        @HATER you're actually right. He's a good wrestler but personality wise he's boring.

        • Bill G

          So 'Big Hungry' doesn't have a boring personality? Ok.

  • Synyster

    I like Ryback but until they let him get on the mic and show more of his character I won’t get behind a main event push.

  • outkazt09

    I like ryback fella. reminds me of my uncle Finnegan.

  • Ego Trip

    Lets see Ryback pushed down our throat……….He gets over, had a great pop the last two weeks and is currently working with 1 and 1A in the WWE.

    ADR gets pushed down our thoat………He not over at all (over-rated maybe) and people are bored to death watching him.

    • Anand

      IAt least Ryback does not bore us to death like ADR. Ryback's no-nonsense kind of gimmick is much better than the total nonsense gimmick of ADR.

      Ricardo is the only saving grace in a totally lacklusture performance/gimmick.

  • Donny

    I’m so against this Ryback push, how is he going to even put on a 15min ppv match. He can’t wrestle. Puke

    • Jhhv

      Really? Watch him as skip

  • mark3man

    people saying ryback can't wrestle seem to forget what we are seeing is a gimmic, go on youtube and watch Wade Barrett vs Skip Sheffield, when he's not playing this robot type character look at him then.

    • Richard Gray

      You've got to understand some people are basing their opinion of Ryback based completely on the predisposition of an overwhelming amount of IWC readers. The problem with this is it does not allow for one to change their opinion. Because downgrading Ryback is the "smarky" thing to do, there will be those that trash him without giving the gimmick a chance. To me, it would be miserable to follow a business in which I held a negative opinion of anyone that wasn't cut from the ROH/EVOLVE/Dragon Date indy cloth.

      • Nick

        Thank you Richard! You nailed it! Freaking smarks think they know it all! And some go with the crowd just because they think “it’s the cool thing to do”. The fact of the matter is, Ryan Reeves, Skip Shefield, Ryback, whatever you wanna call the dude, has been around for years! He’s not some guy who just broke into the business and is getting a huge push based on looks alone. This is why I hate when they compare Ryback to Goldberg, they are two completely different animals. It’s like comparing a lion to a damn gorilla! Ryback will continue to get over because the guy is hungry (no pun intended) he wants to make it to the top! He’s been around since 2005 when they had that 1 million dollars tough enough thing on Smackdown. Don’t even compare him to Cena cuz that’s a crime! He’s gimmick is waaaay better than Cena’s, you don’t see Ryback walking around saluting ppl like he’s a soldier do ya? You don’t see Ryback cracking lame jokes and kissing people’s asses, the same ppl that boo him and say he sucks, do ya? Ppl chant “Goldberg” and what does Ryback do? He completely ignores is and chants “FEED ME MORE!”

  • Spike westphal

    At first I thought ryback gimmick would fail and I thought it would be another fail but ryback as grown on me and I started chanting feed him more chants to the tellyvision

  • Jitters84

    Before a major push.. I’d like to see what he has besides squash with a valid upper midcarder. This way If he bombs like tensai no harm no foul.. But to throw him basically up top is like sending him solo to pack of wolves.. He’s going to be slaughtered if Thier is any botch spots… His fault or not..

  • Sweetonion

    Feed me more tacos

    • Blaze

      I hope not fish tacos.

  • Miles

    I’ll say it again, Ryback will be huge.

  • Bishop

    I like the direction of where they are going with Ryback. You look at the guy and he looks believable. It’s not about “wrestling” anymore, it’s “entertainment”…sorry fans, it’s the truth. I find him to be very entertaining and his feats of strength has been impressive (minus the Tensai sandbag).

    People complained the mid-card wasn’t being elevated, well here is a believable force being pushed…but it’s a problem? Cena was carried early on in his main event push, he has…somewhat…upped his game since then. Find the right opponent(s) for Ryback to have chemistry with and you’ll get your match(es) that are enjoyable.

  • ligerarion

    I took my younger brothers to Power Balance Pavilion for Raw this Monday. I can tell you that Ryback was legitimately over. During commercial breaks when the lights were down, random “feed me more” chants would start and go through the arena. Also, I don’t know if it was heard on television, but not long into Punk vs McMahon a “we want Ryback” chant started in a couple sections of the arena.

  • DoJo

    I enjoy the Ryback characters and he is getting over BIG time with the live audience’s – however I really feel he needs a couple of tweaks to his gimmick which will take him to the very top………. Firstly he NEEDS a new finisher, something with impact that can be delivered quickly – possibly something like a Samoan drop into the diamond cutter??? His suplex/neckbreaker is poo lol Secondly he needs to stay silent, forget the mic with his character – ‘feed me more’ is all he should say!!!!! It’s a shame he won’t be a heel (yet anyway) as Heyman could have done for Ryback what he done with Brock…….. Ryback has paid his dues & is the next Batista 🙂

  • Bryan

    Ryback's character is believable, which is why I think he will do fine. He is similar to Goldberg, in looks and overall attitude, but so what??? People LOVED Goldberg. The IWC is so quick to bash everything without it ever letting it play out, and I admit I am guilty of this sometimes too. It seems lately that WWE is gravitating towards the more technical, indy style…which is fine. But we can also have a huge, powerhouse guy like Ryback as well. Diversity is important.

  • Stoney

    I'd love to see Paul Heyman on the creative tea, if only Vince wasn't stubborn as a mule

    • Nick b

      *government mule

  • gpturbo81

    dana white knows better than to play vince's games

  • RobUK

    Sometimes a Simple phrase can catch on and really help the worker, and that is what I believe is pushing Ryback over. Since the introduction of the ‘feed me more’ chants it’s given Ryback a way to connect with the audience and in turn something for them to do when he comes out. It’s like Daniel Bryan and the ‘Yes/No’ chants. Of course his wrestling ability is second to none but he really started to gain momentum when the ‘yes’ chants caught on.
    I’m never one for workers getting pushe to the tip straight away but I actually don’t mind Ryback And I’m interested to see what he can do. I also believe if he remains unbeaten until HIAC – I think they might, just might have him win the Title. Hopefully not(just yet anyway) but why build him just to have him lose?

  • Aldo T

    I'll be completely Honest.. All day at work, I kept hearing Ryback's them song in my head.

    I personally think he's going to make it big in WWE since he's been busting his arse day in and day out in a business where you have to break through in order to make it to the top.

    Plus, look at some of the horrid wrestlers on the roster, such as ADR. He's okay at best and he's on the top card.. -_-

    To anyone thats going to b*tch.. Do it about him and NOT Ryback.. Just saying..

  • Donny

    Ryback is a waste of my time if he’s in the main event at hell in a cell I’m not ordering it. Sorry but I’m so against this ryback push, I’m not saying he’s not a hard worker I get where he’s at, he’s just bluh to me

  • Thumpa

    I don’t mind him but his first 10/15 min match will be very telling, let’s just see what happens.

  • proud

    Ryback will be in the elimination chamber for certain if your right Richard and i don’t think anyone next year will believe that Ryback could main event Wrestlemania regardless of the other workers on the card!

  • Sjenttivensventa

    Could you say the ankle injury was the best thing to happen to Ryback