CM Punk Says The Rock's Next Movie Will Suck, JR Gives His Thoughts On Survivor Series, Event Notes

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- CM Punk wrote the following on Twitter:

- Jim Ross purchased Survivor Series and blogged his thoughts at this link.

- Devin Cutting is circulating some WWE event notes. First, WWE has announced a 2/1 live event from the McKenzie Arena in Chattanooga, TN. The planned NXT live event scheduled for 11/28 in Orlando was moved to 2/13.

  • Don

    Like the rest of his movies lol.

  • CM is GREAT!!!

    What originality by CM Punk. No one else could taken such a simplistic response and made it seem so innovative. Now that was a real pipe bomb. Saying The Rocks movies are bad has never ever been done before. That came out of left field. Didn't see it coming. What a change he's made since becoming the top guy!!!

    • Austin

      I have a feeling………that your being sarcastic (P.S. CM Punk is the only real main eventer WWE has produced in years, and only then because Punk did that un scheduled promo. He deserves props)

      • Bault16

        It was totally scheduled.

  • Tony P.

    They still made money and he doesn’t have to worry about money or wrestling forever unlike him.

  • Nick B

    Calm down.