CM Punk To Defend The WWE Championship Against Kane On This Week's Smackdown

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WWE Champion CM Punk will defend the title against Kane on this week's Smackdown.

WWE will tape this week's Smackdown tomorrow night from the Baton Rouge River Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. If you're attending and would be interested in providing us with text-message updates, please send your name and mobile number to us by using this form.

  • Matt

    Why put Kane into a great rivalry ( CM punk & Daniel Bryan) that could be the new Bret Hart & Shawn michels? WHY!?!?!?!?!?

    • AJG316

      This reminds me of A match between Bret hart and the undertaker with HBK as special enforcer. It could help continue the rivalry to a greater height

    • Anand

      the Creative is really confused. They are really not sure what to do with people like Orton or Kane or Ziggler. Just sticking such talented folks into random rivalries not only makes it boring, but also takes out the interest people have on the rivalries. punk vs bryan rivalry in itself is amazing, add their mic work it becomes awesome and add their in-ring performance it goes over the top. instead of capitalizing on it like what vince did in the era when bret hart and hbk feuded, they are wasting their time with unwanted interferences 🙁 Sadddd

    • jdl

      To extend the life of the feud. In this day and age things go too quickly, so to extend the length they can go for, they throw a wrench or two into things.

    • chris

      Kane is a big part of wwe history. Its like when undertaker was added to the Bret Hart and HBk rivalry

  • tim

    i think the last time a world title changed hands on tv was like 12 years ago when jericho beat hhh but then again the decision was reversed

    • Joel

      Wasn't is when Cena beat Mysterio for the WWE title?

    • Joel

      Or when Orton beat Christian for the WHC…

      • AJG316

        That happened a lot of times, you gotta be more specific

    • jdl

      Punk won his first title on TV…

    • jw

      Well actually….john Gena beat ray on raw last year

    • Logan_Walker

      How Often do You Watch WWE TV ?

    • Don’t try to sound smart when you know nothing.

  • Joel

    So they can stretch it out until Summerslam for the real one on one rematch.

  • H.M.

    Relax people. I'm pretty sure Punk/Bryan ought to be saved for the 2nd grandest stage in wrestling in Summerslam and that is hopefully what WWE is aiming for. A triple threat feud right now involving Kane sounds fine and hey, considering the vast majority of WWE fans including myself always bashed WWE for the lack of main event runs they gave Kane, I think it's great to see him in the title picture for now. Also, since I brought up Summerslam, I for one would just love to see a 60 minute Iron man match between Punk/Bryan as a blowoff match..oh Lord that'd be fantastic.

    • Mike

      I'd love to see that at Wrestlemania myself. Its the least Bryan deserves after his '18 seconds of fame' this year.