CM Punk Tops The Rock, Where Is Kaientai Now?, Pro Wrestling Goes Mainstream

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- ESPN lists WWE Champion CM Punk atop The Rock in their latest WWE Power Rankings (ESPN has WWE power rankings?). You can check out the list at this link.

- We noted earlier that Funaki was backstage at this week's Smackdown taping in San Antonio, TX. Dot com posted a "where are they now?" feature with Funaki and Taka Michinoku, known collectively as Kaientai, at this link.

- The latest installment of Pro Wrestling Goes Mainstream is online here at

  • steve pritchard

    Love ESPN but I find it very comical that they have wwe power rankings! When Colin cowherd whom I’m also a big fan of calls it’s fans booger eaters quite frequently! Dont know where their change of heart came from! This is funny to me.

    • Colin Cowherd is NOT ESPN. Michelle Beadle, when she did work there, said there was a small group of wwe fans who worked there. Maybe The Rock returning has encouraged to go public about their fandom…

      • steve pritchard

        U maybe right! Wouldn’t mind hearing more on wwe on ESPN! I miss beadle wish she was still on ESPN! When I see her on access Hollywood and NBC. Sports she looks as if she’s sad all the time! She’s an awesome sports journalist! NBC sports and access Hollywood is so beneath her talent! I even think she would make an awesome commentator on raw or smackdown! I know keep dreaming! Anyway s good point in your comment!

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