CM Punk On TV Again

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CM Punk, appearing as Phil Brooks, was a special guest on AMC's The Talking Dead tonight. Brooks appeared along side Community's Yvette Nicole Brown and The Walking Dead's Melissa McBride. The show aired live with fan interactions pulled from social media and the audience. No mention of Brooks' return to work or status was mentioned. Brooks did say that he, "feels like a new person". He appeared to be well rested and happy.

  • Colleen

    I watched it tonight as well, he did look very happy and rested.

    • David F.

      Despite how intense that walking dead episode was lol!

      • Matt

        That was an intense episode. I won’t say spoilers, but wow. His reactions were golden

        • David F.

          I always enjoy Punk and Jericho on Talking Dead they are very funny whenever they appear on the show. Looking at Punk’s body language dont expect him back anytime soon

          • Carter

            I believe he was crying at the start of talking dead last night. I swear there were tears flying

  • Christen

    I don’t expect Punk back any time soon if he is happy and rested. Let him be if he decides to come back great i will be cheering. But for now i am sure Punk is enjoying his down time

  • Win

    You guys sound like his mother. It’s the WWE, Austin walked out on the company and the wheels kept turning. Punk is just the flavor of the month, by Wrestlemania he’ll be a faded memory. Chanting his name is just the in-thing to do now. He wasn’t even getting that type of crowd craving while he was an active member of the roster. Honestly if it weren’t for sites like WNW informing you of the on goings of wrestlers and behind the scene news, most of you wouldn’t even notice he was gone.

  • Ricky

    I would have loved to be in the audience just to see how Chris handled the situation, because you know there where people who wanted to know about Punks future in the WWE.