CM Punk Tweets About Future, WWE Contract Coming To An End

CM Punk Tweeted the following on Sunday:

Punk's WWE contract expires at midnight on July 14, 2014 and he'll officially be a free agent. Because the agreement is expiring and will not be terminated early, there will not be a 90-day non-compete clause.

By all accounts, CM Punk is retired from pro wrestling. He walked out on WWE in January, one night after Royal Rumble 2014. Little was heard for months but according to sources, Punk was burnt out and "over it." Vince McMahon remained intent on getting Punk back, including a pitch in March to get him back for Wrestlemania 30 in April. Punk never wavered from his decision to retire and married WWE Diva AJ Lee last month.

His next promoted appearance is July 21, 2014 at the AP Music Awards.

  • Draven

    Hope its a podcast.

  • Jaryd

    Oh man, as if I didn’t have enough wrestling podcasts to listen to already!

    • dev

      then dont listen to it man :/

  • Kleck

    I’d listen to his podcast. So far I’ve got SCSA’s two shows and JR’s show. I guess Jericho also has a show. What else have you guys found interesting?

    • Judas

      Jim Cornette has an interesting podcast. Konnan has one thats good every now and then as well.

    • realityera2k14

      Colt cabana has a decent one as well as Roddy piper and Goldberg too which are ok

    • jman72485

      Jericho’s podcast is pretty cool. I listen to it.

  • “It’s good ol’ Punk, and I want to tell you about Square Space dot com!”

  • Vin Sidious

    The world doesn’t need another wrestler with a podcast. He should start a band and then light it on fire. Or whatever. If he’s retired, he went out with a whimper and a fizzle. A lousy end to a great career. I think his legacy and his fans, whether or not he cares about either, deserved better.

  • Dave Barton

    Why is Punk identified on Twitter as “Coach”? He is neither Jonathan Coachman nor John Tolos.

  • Roger

    Hopefully it’s a podcast and a fire.

  • Eddie Edwards

    They should fire him on the last day of his contract. Haha. Could you picture that phone call?

    Vince: “We’re sorry Phil, but we’re gonna have to let you go. We wish you best on your future endeavors.”

  • Bryan N.

    A podcast would be really cool. Sucks he chose to end his career the way he did, but that was his decision and his alone. He seems much happier and much healthier and as a fan, that’s good enough for me. I’m just happy I was there live for his final match.

  • LatinoG

    “Look in my eyes , what do you see? The guy that’s banging AJ Lee
    I know your anger , I know your dreams , Ice cream bars is what I want to seee!
    Oh , I’m the cult of personality , not sure if i’ll return to WWE.”