CM Punk Undergoes Emergency Knee Surgery

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WWE's official website wrote that CM Punk is undergoing emergency surgery Tuesday  in Pensacola, Florida.  The article states that Punk took a flight to Florida late last night to meet Dr. James Andrews for a consultation.  They decided that the WWE Champion needed to have surgery right away.

Richard posted an article on the site days ago reporting that CM Punk was working through a knee injury.  We will post anymore information when it becomes available.

To view dot com's article, click here.

  • Donny

    I call fake report they will use it for storyline as punk try’s to get out of his match with Ryback

    • john

      He is here, punk is at the andrews institute in gulf breeze or he was this morning. i work at the main hospital and saw him before

  • dave c

    that's going to throw a monkey wrench into WWE's booking plans

  • vfrezz

    He did have a considerable limp last week in his match with kane

  • christianrocker90

    Well, that's one way to bring an end to a title reign: a legit injury. ouch.

  • The Legend

    This is insane, Cena's year long reign in 2007 ended with an injury as well. Does this mean Zigglar cashes in early and wins at TLC setting up Rock/Zigglar for the title at the Rumble as a backup plan.

    • KevMen

      Ziggler has a MITB shot at world hvt champ not wwe champ, so no!

  • rachael

    so he ties with cena on a 380 day title rain but doesnt go over because of surgery intresting……

    Just to point out this is how cenas 380 day rain ended too

  • Nick B

    Calm down guys, we don know that his reign is over just yet. Henry was injured for a while and still champion and we don’t know how serious it is anyway. He could just not compete this week on raw and maybe he is better by TLC?

  • spikewestphal

    i guess cm punk wwe title regien is over thanks to injury when john cena held the wwe championship for 380 days his regien was over due to injury

  • paulw3000

    Hopefully not too bad… PS old pic of punk lol