Major Concerns With CM Punk vs. Undertaker At Wrestlemania, Why Punk Was Criticized At Raw, More On Flair Being Pulled, Kaitlyn Receives Mixed Reviews, New Direction For WWE Divas, Major Names Added To Extreme Rules

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- We heard CM Punk was actually criticized for his promo on this week's WWE Raw as the feeling was it wasn't "up to par." This goes deeper than just an "off-night" as Punk is very concerned about his Wrestlemania match against The Undertaker. Not only is Undertaker's in-ring health a question mark, but his health is also an issue. Punk is concerned about the match's quality and is having a hard time even selling it to himself.

- Booker T took Ric Flair's spot on the Legend's panel in the closing segment of this week's WWE Raw. No major rewrite was done even though Flair was pulled the day of the show.

- WWE Divas Champion Kaitlyn received mixed reviews backstage for her match. While some praised her for trying to go the extra mile by making all her bumps look over-the-top and giving 100%, others were concerned she was reckless with her own body and could have hurt herself. The company has moved away from Layla and are going with AJ Lee vs. Kaitlyn at the pay-per-view.

- As of this writing, both The Rock and Brock Lesnar are in the plans for Extreme Rules next month.

  • Thanks for the news Richard. I was wondering what they thought of Punk last night. I thought id promo was great.


    What exactly would Brock do at Extreme Rules?

    • Win


      • LOTGA

        Thank you. That was beautifully executed.

    • Xavier

      Lesnar/Batista maybe? I do remember reading a report a few days ago that Richard posted saying that creative was either thinking about having Batista, HBK or Step do a run in during this match.

  • Xavier

    Punk’s promo was fine IMO. I will admit that Taker/Punk hasn’t been the best built feud though but I blame most of that on Creative/McMahon. This whole angle has somewhat been thrown together at the last minute, this match was clearly a plan B, As with some other matches on this year’s card.

  • sir-rusty82

    I hate to admit it but Punk is carrying Undertaker……… Undertaker is the one making Punk look bad he needs to retire

  • Patrick

    Damed if you do and damed if you don’t….. WWE is never happy no matter who it is… a wrestler tries to impress the backstage Agents by going that extra mile and you get some who complains…… not to mention it’s clearly one-sided because it’s a diva doing all the bumping around they are more concerned but when Ziggler does it they praise it to the Heavens for all his hard work and don’t complain he might hurt himself and he has done worse then what Kaitlyn has done.

  • Winnipeg

    I’ve said it before. The longer & bigger the build up the bigger & better the payoff. And that’s directed toward Taker & Punk. It’s appearing a lot of people are not interested in this match due to those factors. Now only if Tripple H can work his magic on Sting & Taker for next year and build that up. That would truly be once in a life time match. And only if they can work with Stone Cold vs Cm Punk next year. What do marks know though.

    • Screw Sting

      Screw Taker/Sting. Taker/Cena would be 1000x better. Sting is 10 years past his twilight years and about 15 years past his prime.

      • Winnipeg

        And Taker isn’t?