CM Punk Visits The WWE Warehouse & Posts Several Pictures Of WWE Memorabilia

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CM Punk visited the WWE warehouse yesterday for his upcoming DVD. He posted several pictures of memorabilia to his Twitter account, including a 75-foot-long WrestleMania V banner, a WCW Thunder sign, a 1996 SummerSlam chair, and a number of caskets and ladders previously used in WWE. The pictures can be viewed in the posts from his Twitter account, embedded below:

  • Logan_Walker

    i wonder where there warehouse is

    • J-Dub

      I know I would love to take a tour. All those horns from JBL's Limos. Great Stuff!

    • Leg on the bottom rope, again

      Punk was there looking for Chris Jerrichos wrestling career…….still can’t find it….

      • Logan_Walker

        its way in the back

    • kevin

      In Stanford conn. They opened it once I was there its awesome. Met the bushwhackers lol not awesome.

  • Not to give any ideas… but if anyone were to break in and get their hands on some of that stuff, hardcore fans would pay out the arse for legit memorabilia from some of these events. I'd honestly love to see what else is in there.

  • They should hold tours of that place. Would be like going through your childhood. I'd pay.

  • Maz

    They shud just auction the stuff or give to fans

  • dusty588

    That kind of stuff would be awesome to see in an eventual "physical" WWE Hall of Fame one day.

  • Batch-pz101

    I am pretty sure it’s in Stanford conn

    • iBotch

      You maybe right, however I know that there is a WWE Warehouse on the docks of Trenton, NJ. That is where the hold the Elimination Chamber

  • David

    Loving the Headbangers Rule on the lockers lol. Would love to work inside the WWE warehouse.

  • Philip Thompson

    Not sure they'll ever need a set of lockers saying 'Headbangers Rule' again – but there are so many things that'd be great for a WWE Museum, Hall of Fame or even some sort of museum on wheels – see how much memorabilia you can stick in a big truck, take some current merchandise and a few WWE Legends and go to convention centres in different places where people can be given tours of the memorabilia by legends, having a Q&A and autograph signing session and sell some merchandise. People might pay as much to go to that as they would to a WWE live event – and it's probably got a better chance of making money than WWE Studios.

  • That is a terrible idea to auction it off anyway WWE would never do that. Vince is thinking about a Hall of Fame building and a Muesuem of all the things or most in the warehouse. I heard they got like everything.