CM Punk vs. Curtis Axel Set For Next Week's WWE Raw

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It was announced on this week's Friday Night Smackdown (full results at this link) that CM Punk will face Curtis Axel on next week's Monday Night Raw.

Axel, along with Paul Heyman, challenged Punk on Smackdown. Punk tweeted the following reply, making the match official:

  • Matt

    Add Axel to the list of ppl who Punk has buried.

    • Gary Robert

      Whats the list? I’m curious. You seem to be keeping track.

      • Matt

        Probably people he beat in the title run. Like the world champ Del Rio. The WWE champ Orton. The face of WWE Cena. The hottest commodity in the company Bryan. You know, those has beens.

        By the way, for those keeping track, WNW has more than one Matt.

        • Danny_Boy

          Ryback, Johnny V, Sheamus, Miz, and now Axel. It’s a good thing Bryan put Orton over and a good thing Cena put Bryan over. Because CM “buries people” Punk sure wasn’t going to

  • Alain Alfred Corpuz

    Hope Punk wins the IC title and elevate the IC title even bigger than WHC