CM Punk vs. Eve Torres, Ted DiBiase Has Knee Replacement, Marine 3 Release Date

- WWE Champion CM Punk squared off against WWE Divas Champion Eve Torres in an eating contest. They went toe-to-toe with the Habanero-Wasabi Combos snack. ESPN has the coverage at this link with a video embedded below:

- "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase had a double knee replacement on Tuesday by Dr. Jeffrey Dugas in Birmingham, Alabama.

- "The Marine 3" starring The Miz is due out on DVD on Tuesday, March 12, 2013.

  • Nick B

    Lol eve and punk are great!!

  • Dave

    Habanero's are hot. Wasabi tastes like garbage. You want heat? Try the Ghost Chili. I tried it and I can honestly say … it's like eating the sun and will make you wish for death. That glass of milk they have in that video isn't close to big enough for the Ghost Chili. I had a gallon of milk and a gallon of ice cream. You can only drink so much milk and eat so much ice cream …. and your mouth will still be on fire.

    • BigMike7302

      Ghost peppers are hottest in the world Habaneros are hot as well and Wasabi is japanese horseradish which can be hot so habanero wasabi should be VERY HOT
      and if you really want to cool your mouth from a hot pepper? milk? no Buttermilk? maybe try hot coffe or any hot beverage it will help your mouth cool down easier and no so dramatically beliieve me it works

  • Patrick Peralta

    I wish The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase a speedy recovery…. I can't imagine having both knee's replaced at once….let alone the time it takes to learn to walk again with the replacements.

  • Kevin

    It's awefully early in his career to be needing a double knee replacement. I wonder what happened.