CM Punk vs. Ryback In A TLC Match Set For PPV, Dates & Locations For WWE's Australian Tour

- WWE Champion CM Punk will defend the belt against Ryback in a TLC Match at WWE TLC next month. The bout was officially announced on this week's WWE Raw. WWE TLC 2012 will take place from the new Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY on Sunday, December 16, 2012.

- Devin Cutting is circulating the dates and venues for WWE's 2013 summer tour of Australia:

  • July 26 - Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne
  • July 27 - Allphones Arena in Sydney
  • July 28 - Entertainment Centre in Brisbane
  • July 29 - Entertainment Centre in Adelaide
  • July 30 - Perth Arena in Perth
  • gage

    No NZ again??? 🙁

    • Phil

      agreed there are plenty of people that would go. The islanders would go just to see the usos. 😛

  • PainOfDemise

    Really? Again? They're going for the screwy ending for a 3rd time in a row with the WWE Championship…
    Poor Ryback.

    • Austin

      I agree.. It will probably be somewhere along the lines of.. Ryback climbs up the ladder, gets so close to the belt, Then gets thrown off the ladder through a table.. Or something along those lines. I hate the fact that we as viewers have a good idea how a match will play out before it even happens… Takes the fun out of it for me.. And no I am not talking about reading spoilers or backstage news posted on here by Richard.

      • Gary

        Its a TLC match, not a Ladder match with the belt hanging above the ring. It'll end along the lines of how Sheamus beat Cena a while back for the belt when Cena fell backwards through a table by accident. Ryback will dominate, go to smash Punk through a table in the corner, Punk will wiggle his way off and push him into the table for the win…whatever. Not Punk's fault they lack creativity and Vince put them in a corner with what to do on top of it all. Either way, I'll be glad if Ryback doesn't have the title. Its too early.

        • MonsterMike42

          It's TLC, not a tables match. A TLC match is basically a ladder match where tables and chairs are not only legal, but encouraged.

  • Evon Reese

    I don't care if its too early. Take the title off Punk now.