CM Punk vs. The Rock Ruining Wrestlemania, Eve's Departure, Braden Walker, HHH In Hall Of Fame

Do you think that the work leading up to CM Punk vs. The Rock has made this match more anticipated than The Rock vs. John Cena match at Wrestlemania?

I want to first clarify The Rock vs. John Cena II for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania 29, although heavily rumored, is not confirmed. Following the awesome mic work from CM Punk and The Rock on last week's WWE Raw, there were a lot of people wishing it was for Wrestlemania rather than Royal Rumble. This is a good problem to have and just raises the bar for potential Wrestlemania main events. I want to go on record now in saying I believe Wrestlemania 29 will be the biggest ever.

Why did Eve Torres leave WWE?

The WWE contract of Eve Torres was coming up and she wanted to pursue outside endeavors, including marrying Rener Gracie. Several WWE Divas have chosen to leave lately and I think it has to do with how they are used in the company along with the grueling WWE schedule. Being on the road 300 days out of the year, living out of suitcase is a tough life that really takes its toll. Combine that with getting banged up in the ring and the fact WWE Divas have a very limited role, it's not very desirable. Divas like Eve feel they have established a large enough following and fan base to try something else that doesn't require the same grueling schedule.

Why did John Cena mention Braden Walker on Raw? Are they friends or was creative just looking to take a shot at him?

Braden Walker was a legend that ruled the world in 2008… OK maybe not. Chris Harris' WWE gimmick, Braden Walker, became infamous when he showed up out-of-shape and overweight and lasted only a couple weeks. Let's just take a moment to remember him:

Do you think that Triple H will be inducted to the Hall Of Fame this year?

There are new rumblings about inducting the Kliq into the WWE Hall of Fame this year. I think it's a mistake because Hunter is someone that should be the face of a class and headline the Hall of Fame himself. It would be somewhat of a rib on Mick Foley, considering Hunter never viewed him as a big star. File it as rumor for now and we'll hope WWE waits before inducting Triple H.

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  • steven s

    im going to wait for the braden walker blu ray

    • I don’t have a blu ray player, but am now going to get one JUST to watch this inspirational athletic journey in the best light possible.

  • Dangerous Lee

    Correction Richard: Braden Walker IS STILL a legend and STILL rules the world.

  • Rayner Chee-bai

    The Definitive Braden Walker DVD Content:

    Disc 1 – Braden Walker vs Armando Estrada

    Disc 2 – Braden Walker and Matt Hardy backstage

    Disc 3 – Braden Walker vs James Curtis and departure.

    • Alex P

      Umm don’t forget the interviews, the making of his titantron video, and that special look into the time he stood on the stage with his hands on his hips!

  • Cody Zeller

    Leave the memories alone!

  • IlyasG

    Forget about the Kliq, here’s the leaked 2013 inductee

  • Kleck

    I think we elected the wrong President…Braden Walker is the man for the job!

  • Mike

    Braden Walker will end the Undertaker’s winning streak.

  • The Breaker

    In the first question, I believe they were talking about the WM match last year between Rock and Cena.

  • Winnipeg

    So rock vs Cena 2 @ WM. does that mean Cena is gonna win the rumble?

    • Jimmy

      If he does then whats the plans for the Raw Elimination Chamber match?

  • Winnipeg
  • jdl

    Hhh headlining a hall of fame class? He doesn’t even have a career or skill set worthy of being in the hall, let alone headlining.

    • Really? Someone obviously just does not like Triple H. Say what you want about his backstage politics or his marriage to Steph, but Triple H is a fantastic wrestler, and has a career more worthy of entering the hall of fame the majority or wrestlers in the HOF

    • BobCobb

      obviously a cena fan. HHH is in the top 10 wrestlers of all time. Easily. His work on the mic was amazing. IMO he is the most intimidating wrestler to date. Shame he cut his hair though!!!

  • I’m pretty sure that video lasted longer than Braden Walker’s career.

  • just based on the punk/rock promo and pull apart theres no way anything cena/rock2 can do to even come close to what rock and punk are doing…and then imagine if the match ends up being this epic classic…wrestlemanias main event of rock vs cena 2 will be very anti-climactic and would be ruined….unless they do a cena heel turn…and even then it will still fall flat…..but u know what knowing what great minds both punk and rock have for the business i gotta believe mania this year will be special…but babyface cena vs babyface rock in that new york/jersey stadium could prove to be disasterous