CM Punk Wants Jim Ross To Call Next Week's WWE Title Match

WWE Champion CM Punk wants Jim Ross To call his title match against John Cena on next week's 1000th Raw. The following is from Punk's Twitter account:

  • YES! YES! YES! I hope they will let this happen. The voice of raw!

  • Joe O.

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

  • graham hodis

    Could not agree more punk. Jr has to call this match. Cant understand why he not back full time.

  • The Breaker

    JR will definitely give it that "big match" feel. I just hope Cole either calls the match straight without insulting JR the whole time, or just shuts up completely.

    • An0n

      or maybe with a lot hopes and prayers, cole gets fired for incompetence, of course that wont happen, so lets hope he just shuts up for once

  • Blake

    Oh yea

  • SteveDS

    I am sure he will. It is just a matter of who is calling it with him. WWE would be smart to have just JR and Jerry to call it and give the feel of how important the match is on a big night.

  • Ken

    JR calling Cena vs Punk absolutely needs to happen. Make it happen, WWE.

  • Alex

    JR needs to call this match. It's Raw 1000, JR is way more important to the overall history of the WWE/F than Cole ever was.

  • Aldin94

    We want Jim Ross!!!

  • Anand

    JR as the Face, King as the Heel, the best team to call any WWE show!!!

    King: Can I steal one of your lines JR?
    JR: Sure
    King: Business is just about to pick up!!!
    JR: You're damn right…

    We need this when One of them (Either punk or cena) is int he ring getting ready and the other is entering…

    Make this happen WWE…

  • BigMike

    it might just happen JR might call the match but Vince would screw it up like he always does and pput Cole in there to be his normal annoying self………..what has always annoyed me is I have NEVER liked Cole and Vince thinks this so called heel announcer thing is what is bringing Cole heat …WRONG!!!! Cole has always had heat because he SUCKS!!!!! his match calling sucks his banter with the other announcers sucks. he gets booed because he sucks and what does Vinnie do he shoves him down our damn throats every show as often as he can .people can say they are sick of Cena and they way he gets where he is But I am REALLY Sick of COle because Cena works his ass off for the company Cole doesnt do $h!t

  • Jim Ross

    I’d love to folks but I’m not sure if the WWE will bring me back.

  • Bill Clinton

    JR should do the whole show with Jerry lawler. Micheal Cole should get the day off.

  • bruno

    Unfortunately, cena wont reply cm punk

    • XKonn247

      Damn, if only they worked together and saw each other daily! Or had phone numbers! Or Twitter was a public forum for all to see! I guess we’ll never see JR back now 🙁