CM Punk's Injury Outlook, Why He Was Pulled From WWE TLC

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CM Punk is expected to be fine following his knee surgery on Tuesday.

The feeling is Punk could work WWE TLC if he had too but WWE officials don't want to take the chance of blowing up the planned Royal Rumble main event against The Rock.

Word is the company plans to give Punk ample time to rest his knee to assure he's 100% for a match they've pseudo promoted for months. It probably doesn't hurt that it also alleviates them from another very difficult creative situation. The replacement match is at this link if you haven't seen it.

  • Slade6alpha

    Thank you for the up to date coverage on this Richard!

  • Logan_Walker

    I hope his reign doesn’t end like John Cen’s in 2007 when he had vacate the title after having it more than a year.

    • J-Dub

      Oh you mean the one that punk just passed last week. Ironic isn't it!

  • Anand

    Thankfully WWE did the sensible thing of letting him rest to face Rock at royal rumble. That is one match I cant wait to see…

    Punk Vs Rock for the WWE Title – should be an epic…

  • drew1997

    can I get my money back for my TLC tickets because I went to see punk…..

    • carey1997

      You should post this on the WWE site, not here.

  • Donny

    they should do a storyline where punk says he has to only defend the belt every 60 days for he has earned the respect to do so

  • Matt

    This only helps add to his title reign which I'm sure helps storylines more than it hurts. I'd rather have him rest for The Rock than have another soso match against Ryback.

  • Punk ‘s title shud be strpd off…….