CM Punk's Next Television Appearance, The Rock On His Injury Last Year & The Possibility Of Returning To The Ring

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CM Punk's Appearance

CM Punk will make his next television appearance not on WWE programming, but on Maron this Thursday at 10pm ET/PT on IFC. You can see the clip of his appearance on the show below or at this link:

The Rock Comments

The Hollywood Reporter interviewed The Rock to discuss a wide variety of topics. In the interview, he comments on his injury he suffered last year while fighting John Cena at Wrestlemania 29 and whether he will return to the wrestling ring.

His injury last year

Johnson had suffered a bad injury in his 2013 return to the ring, when he fell and tore both his rectus tendon and adductor muscle while fighting former nemesis John Cena. After seeing a doctor, he opted against surgery. Two days later, by sheer coincidence, something else went wrong.

"I came in for a checkup and pulled my pants down, and the doctor goes, 'Oh! That's a hernia,' " says Johnson. "Your abdominal wall gets weak and your organs push through. The doctor said, 'You need to lie down,' and slowly starts to push my intestines back in my stomach. He said, 'I would really recommend surgery.' "

A possible return:

He has not ruled out a return to the ring, though he says its scale — both as an event and a payday — would have to equal or exceed his 2013 fight, and he continues to work with WWE, though film is his real focus.

The interview goes through his entire career from breaking out of the wrestling business to suffering from depression multiple times. Click here to read the full interview.

  • JR Texx (Jamie)

    I’d be happy if that was The Rock’s last match, he “passed the torch” and he had an amazing career, and it was great to watch, saying that.. I’m pretty sure he will keep coming back.

  • David C

    I’d personally like to see him back for one last run, however i want to see him as a heel.

    My favourite run of the rock was with his Hollywood run in the build to the third Austin / Rock Mania bout. Not many people would build up to a major event and take a loss ina mini comedy fueled feud with a mid carder like The Hurricane.

    Besides, with the way the audience respond to him now (a little less than stellar) he can get back to his way of controlling an audience without the need for cheap one liners.

  • Yves Heinrich

    Good luck Rock!!! I hope you’ll return at 2015 Royal Rumble, WrestleMania 31 and more pay-per view events if possible 🙂 and I do smell what your cocking brother!